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Happy Campers

Feeling a little bit kooky and fun today so thought I would share with you guys these super adorable dog houses made by Jumahl of Strictly For The Birds in the shape of retro campervans! THE best right?!

Based on the classic shapes and colour combinations of the über cool 40s and 50s vintage campers, this is a dog house no one would mind being sent too! Plus there is a mini bird house version too, um adorable! Unfortunately for us Aussies, these creations are only available to the US market but you never know, campervans are made to travel and maybe, just maybe, if a retailer sees this post they may grace our shores soon! Fingers crossed 🙂







The Birdcage

One of the most sought over areas at the races is known as the birdcage. It is the elaborate section of marques reserved for celebrities and VIP’s which is always a spectacular display of wealth, beauty and fashion in the most theatrical setting.

Cage Archibird by French designer Gregoire de Lafforest is a design that displays the same essence of wonder and awe. It is a birdcage built into an oak table which has cloche like glass domes at the top. It is a stunning design, which photographs beautifully. It is very minimal in its design, the simple oak table coupled with the system of tension cables, the white of the birdcage interior and the internal metal tree all combine to create a stylish, sleek design.

I must say though, as spectacular as this design is, I’m not too convinced that it is that functional. If you were to use it as a cage for real birds would you use the table for any other reason? And how do you clean the cage and the tree? I can’t imagine that pure white interior looking so great covered with a couple of days worth of droppings! But then I have never been such a fan of containing animals so perhaps I am just biased…

Perhaps a better idea would be to treat this piece as more of a sculpture, and fill with fake birds or something of the like, so it remains spotless and pristine and beautifully decorative. What do you think?






Be Witching

With Halloween just around the corner we thought it was time to get all spooky in preparation! (Insert evil laugh here)

Kicking off the week we have a selection of wonderful witchy homewares that are guaranteed to cast a spell on you! Double, double, toil and trouble…

Witching1. Concrete Series Reader Lamp by Alexander Krivoshlykov

2. Pink Watercolour Ceramic Plate by Bonnie and Neil

3. Chinese Medicine Bottles with Stoppers by Cranmore Home – 3 sizes available through Hard to Find

4. Sarpaneva Cast Iron Casserole Pot from Top3 by Design

5. Midcentury Modern Cat Bed by Like Kittysville

6. Diet bones Plate by STUDIOLAV + Marcvons – available in Australia through Douglas and Bec

7.Hex Paperweight by Daniel Emma

Howl Terrific

I have previously discussed my love for designer pet furniture here, but have just discovered a new contender on the market, Doca Pet.

Look at their amazing range of pet bowls. Fancy schmancy right? Your pet will feel like they are dining in a Michelin star restaurant once you get one of these. The range is super modern in their styling and colour choices and incorporates design normally reserved for human use only.

Hhmmm… looking at my current plastic pet bowls with a little shame right about now…

Uncle Sam

Happy 4th July! As all the Americans celebrate their Independence with fireworks, barbeques and parades, I thought what better time to feature some soldiers! Protect your home from tumbling books, slamming doors and hungry pets with your own army and gain back some fun in your home.

“This nation will remain the land of the free, only so long as it is the home of the brave.” Elmer Davis

Homeguard Book End by Suck UK

Homeguard Door Stop by Suck UK

War Bowl by Dominic Wilcox

Dogface peanut butter scented dog toy by Doca Pet

Food Fighters party picks by Fred & Friends – contact Independence Studios for your nearest Australian stockist

Pets Paradise

Any pet owner would have you know that their pet is a member of the family. They share your home, your furniture, your life. So why not pamper your pet, let them have a little luxury of their own and save your furniture at the same time.

Forget bone and paw print patterns, the following creations scream designer not dogs breakfast!

The Canopy Lounge by CANOPYstudio

Title Track Duvet by Molly Mutt

Rabbit Hutch by Chimère

Grey Pod Bed by Hepper

Glory Days Duvet by Molly Mutt

Fish Bowl by Chimère

Modern Pet Bed by Modpet