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Falcon Enamelware

If you are looking for some items that are classic, timeless and durable to add to your kitchen than look no further then the fabulous Falcon Enamelware range.

These iconic products have been baking mouth-watering meals since the 1920s! Traditionally they were only available in that classic white and navy combo but now Falcon has plans to extend the colour range starting with a brilliant red. These pieces will last the test of time, you can use them in the oven or on the stove top, hell, you can bring them camping if you wish! Picnics, parties or just everyday meals this range is a staple for any kitchen and gains extra brownie points for being dishwasher safe (We ALL love that !)

A recommended addition to any home and a true design classic.

Readily available through many stores worldwide, for Aussies I found Peters of Kensington to have the best prices 🙂








Tiles of Ezra

These beautiful hand-made tiles came across my desk yesterday and I’m a little in love!

Tiles of Ezra is the creative collaboration between interior architect Georgia Ezra and her sister Micaela Ezra, a NYC designer. Their range consists of ethnic patterns and styles of the Mexican culture and embody the earthy, handmade qualities of the local artisans. Seeing a gap in the Australia market for this unique type of tile, Tiles of Ezra is bringing an extensive range to our shores which includes traditional Mexican patterns as well as contemporary versions.

My favourites are the terracotta tiles from the Clay Collective range, I can just picture them making a completely amazing feature in someone’s home. Check out some of the Ezra patterns below to see how impressive various tiles from the collection look combined to create a rustic pattern. Don’t forget to check their website to view all the other collections too!

I think this will be a very exciting addition to the Australian market for architects, designers and home renovators!




Kitchen Kudos

In need of some new kitchen and dining accessories? Here are some fab items I have been lusting over recently…


Small Share Platters by Rabbit Trap Timber – $65

This Aussie company hails from The Southern Highlands in NSW and everything they make is from recycled timbers. Too much loveliness, check them out for sure.

02_SempliCupa-Rocks by Sempli – $50 Set of Two

There is a complete range of glassware including various sizes and carafes. Wooden carry Trays are also included with some of the glasses to support their unique shape.

03_Norm_GrinderMenu Bottle Grinder by Norm Architect dk – available in Australia through Top3 by Design – Large Single $109 or Small Double set $129

Minimal style grinder which has been cleverly designed in reverse so that the only time the contents fall out is when you are actually grinding. No more shelf spillages! Love this idea.


KINK Vinegar Bottle by Deb Jones / Jam Factory – $95

Love the unique little bend in the glass of this bottle, a cute character piece with function. Available in a range of colours. Complement with the matching KINK Oil Bottle $125

Clean Sweep

Bear with me… I’m having a bit of a moment with everyday items that have been re-incarnated through beautiful design. Yesterday Tom Dixons kitchenwares, today the Sweeper and Dustpan by Jan Kochanski.

Wow! Clever. Simple. Clean. (Pardon the pun!) Jan had the ingenious idea to use the handle of the dustpan as not only the brush holder, but also as a funnel to empty the contents through. This minor tweak of the classic dustpan design heightens its functionality. A huge light bulb moment of pure brilliance!

In fact, so much consideration has been invested in this deceivingly simple piece. The curved shape of the plastic dustpan prevents dust catching in corners, at the base of the beech brush handle is a loop for easy hanging and the bristles of natural horsehair were selected for their elite sweeping abilities.

This piece is really the perfect marriage of form, function and aesthetics. I bet you never thought you would be lusting after a dustpan and brush!





Chop to It

And another clever design that has really taken into consideration the way it functions, is the Cut and Slide Boards by Design For Use.

The wooden chopping board is nested within a boat shape ceramic dish. The elevated, curved end creates a scoop like section that acts like a dish that catches and contains food as you chop it. This simple addition means you keep your board space free for food preparation, you won’t have food rolling off the board onto the floor and the scoop shape aids transfer of the food from board to pan.

Now that’s one clever chopping board!

Cut and Slide Boards – Small $30, Medium $69.00 available through Design For Use.

cutnpaste_01 cutnpaste_02 cutnpaste_03

Daily Grind

Extraordinary design by Tom Dixon, who else! I swear the man is on a mission to alleviate me of all my hard-earned cash…

Who knew these kitchen essentials could look so stylish and still be functional? Combining the subtle beauty of white Morwad marble with the gleam of polished brass, this set of kitchenware is both stunningly beautiful whilst remaining practical. Chop and grind to your heart’s content knowing that these pieces can withstand the punishment and have all been tried, tested and approved by chefs working in his London restaurant. Love, love, love your work Tom!

Stone Chopping Board – $121.00

Stone Spice Grinder – $132.00

Stone Mortar & Pestle – $266.00

Find your local stockist here.

TomDixon_01 TomDixon_02 TomDixon_03