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Underwater World

A coral reef is an endless supply of unusual forms, bright colours and interesting textures. It is a place of wonder and curiosity, a world of new discoveries and lifeforms. Bring these beautiful patterns and textures into your home with this stunning assortment of goods that mimic the delicate coral reef.

I’d like to be, under the sea…

1. Rhododendron Chandelier by Anthropologie

2. Spreading Landscape Throw by Anthropologie

3. Sea Anemone Rug by La Grolla

4. Knitted Sea Urchins by Patricia Bown

5. Tingletangle Spoons by Atelier OKER ceramic Design

6. Orange Glass Sea Coral Bowl by Uneek Glass Fusions (Available in a range of colours)

Feature Wall

Treat your walls to a little form and texture by adding these easy to use, 3D wall panels by New Decor.

Each panel is made from a combination of polyurethane, wood pulp and stone particles, and comes ready to mount with the appropriate wall bracket. Simply mark out your design, drill the screws into the wall and hang the panel. Voila, an amazing feature wall to adore! Besides being lightweight, their design allows the panels to absorb noise and reduce reverberation, making them a perfect addition to a TV room, games room or for the man cave.

But my favourite feature of all is that you can re-paint the panels whichever colour you fancy, which means you can truly customise these panels to fit your decor and colour scheme. How great is that?

Taking the Blamey

If you have been searching for something a little more punchy to liven up your walls, Lindsay Blamey may just be your artist.

He is re-known for his bright digital prints on canvas, that have a definite graphic design edge to them. They are like a combination of Andy Warhol, Rosalie Gascoigne and the bustle of city living. The great use of colour and image selection makes each of these works pop in all the right ways.

Blamey has recently extended this range to include soft furnishings, that are covered with the same loud, prints in his characteristic style.

Totally in Heaven

HH is just obsessed with the unique rug designs created by Floor to Heaven.

This German company has just elevated the humble rug from an accessory, to THE statement piece of your home. Every single design is an artwork in itself, celebrating colour, pattern and texture. Michaela Schleypen is one seriously talented designer! We previously featured her Neon Punk Houndstooth rug, but look at the diversity she shows in her designs below.

In heaven? We think so…




Adam & Eve

Neon Punk


Art Hide

Normally I’m not a fan of animal hides in the home. My parents had some in their house for years, until Mum went through a Feng Shui phase and instilled in me that it was bad karma… yet they still own a leather lounge, so I guess that’s a contradiction in itself!

Well I think I have found a company which may convert me. These cowhide rugs by Australian company Art Hide are just stunning. I’ve never seen anything quite like it! My favourites are the laser cut pieces from the Romantico Collection. First I fell in love with the Zirah range, but GOD the Zeus range is cool and you just know I’m going Loco over that cowhide herringbone!

All pieces are made to order and available in various sizes. Check the website for your local stockist or buy online from Hard to Find.




Forget Me Knots

I think your crazy if you’re not looking at these and instantly thinking gimme, gimme, gimme.

The Kumeko knotty cushion is a combination of great design, technique and simplicity. The ancient art of weaving has been modernised by the ingenious use of foam tubing, creating a cushy, soft floor cushion with ample texture. The mini or full size knotty are made in a gorgeous neutral grey jersey material but if you prefer a splash of colour, contact Kumeko to discuss the full range available.