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Mister Moss Homewares

Have you heard? Mister Moss has stemmed into homewares!

From the makers of those amazing hanging plants bundled in bright string comes a new, equally colourful range for your home. The debut range is made up of rugs, planters and stools designed by Jenna Spence, who is the founder and senior designer of Mister Moss. The new homewares range captures that same sense of fun and vibrance that we have come to associate with the company, incorporating plenty of colour, geometric prints and clever design concepts.

My favourite pieces are the stool which can also be turned upside down to create a planter, how clever is that?! It is available in four different patterns in a whole rainbow of colour choices. But the side table and coat stand are my absolute picks of the bunch, more of a minimal, Nordic design style then the rest of the collection they just ooze class and sophistication. LOVE them!

With prices starting at just $32 I suggest you pop on over to the Mister Moss website and get shopping!















Gobsmacked by Gia

In the market for a very unique, statement light? Then this company will be right up your alley…

Gia Collectione create a distinctive range of lights which are quite unlike anything else on the market. Designed by re-known decorator, stylist and designer Jillian Middleton, the range is famous it’s edgy, modern take on the timeless candelabras and chandeliers.

Her pieces draw inspiration from the shapes of these traditional designs, yet modernizes them with interesting material choices or the introduction of bright colour. The huge scale of the lights is awe-inspiring, reminiscent of that traditional grandeur, these pieces certainly demand!

Aren’t they just the most fabulous thing you’ve ever seen?


Sophia Loren Coconut Shell Chandelier – $2, 390.00 (Available in White, Black, Red)



Nice Pendant $1, 590.00


Woven rattan Pendant Light – $1, 590.00 (Avaialble in Yellow, Turqouise, White)


GiaCollection06Franny Fluro Wire Chandelier – $2,590.00 (Available in Pink, Yellow, Green)


Brisbane company Work-Shop are new on the scene, but if their stand at Decoration and Design was anything to go by, this talented duo will be a force to be reckoned with.

They debuted a range of beautifully crafted plywood wares which featured minimal, clean lines and an understated sense of elegance. Attention to detail and the functionality of the design was spot on and reflects the wealth of knowledge and experience brought to the table by builder and wood worker Morgen Wilkie and Georgina Goddard, an architect and designer. A match made in heaven I think!


Workshop02Bike-Rest $800

Workshop03Wall-Rest $15

Workshop04Key-Rest $70


Workshop06Book-Rest $60-$120


Currently swooning over the Skygarden lamp by Marcel Wanders

This design is new to me, but was actually designed by Marcel for Flos Architectural in 2007 and was inspired by the ceiling in his former home.

The exterior of the pendant light is a hemisphere of die-cast aluminum alloy – modern, minimal and sleek in appearance. In contrast, the interior of the light is filled with the intricate details reminiscent of an antique plaster ceiling, timeless and decorative!

It is a stunning design that uses the function of the light to highlight the plaster pattern, casting shadows that emphasise the detail in the garden design. I picture this light fitting in perfectly in a newly renovated Victorian home, it would be just the right mix of contemporary and heritage to complement that type of space.

The light is available in four exterior colours – Matt Gold, Matt Rusty Brown, Gloss White and Gloss Black.

Available in Australia through Euroluce Lighting.




SkyGarden04 SkyGarden05

Fashion Hang-up

Want a more stylish option to your standard coat hook? Well look no further, Hermit has found your future fashion hang-up…

Monsieur Dress-up – Coat Hanger by Loyal Loot Collective, available online via Hard to Find

Button Coat Hangers by HK Living

Paper Vase

Have you noticed that there is a lot of love out there at the moment for paper art? Upcycled books, intricate paper cuts and origami. I am a huge fan of all of it but alas lack both the time, and the skill, to create any of these for myself.

My most recent discovery are these paper vases available through Perdu Decor. The exterior is made from sheets of paper that have been cut into a design and combined on mass to create the form of the vase. The interior is a metal vase, so I assume they are actually functional, although I’m not sure you would risk the chance of water damage! The densely packed sheets create amazing shadow patterns as the sheets separate and bunch in various spots, producing a striped form that is solid yet fragile in nature.