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Mums the Word

Just putting it out there that perhaps your mum deserves something a little bit more special than PJ’s and fluffy slippers this Mothers Day…

so here is my Mother’s Day edit of cool gifts all under $100… hint, hint!


1. A Skulk of Foxes Timber Vessels starting from $89.00 – 8 styles available

2. Dinosaur Designs Liquid Servers – $100

3. String of Pearls Plant is my new favourite plant (available at any good garden centre for about $15) shown here in Angus and Celeste Nasturtium Hanging Planter – $69.00

4. Uashmama Paper Bags range in price from $10 upward and are available in a huge range of colours and can be used for just about anything!

5. Avalon Je T’Adore Green Tea Massage Oil – $39.95 and Organic Coconut and Lime Body Scrub – $54.95 because all Mums love to be pampered ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. Throw Glitter in Today’s Face limited edition print by Laura Blythman / available through Lark – $75.00

Magic Mobiles

I was walking through The Rocks Markets in Sydney on the weekend and stumbled across a little stall selling these amazing stainless steel mobiles. They were so beautiful to watch as they turned in the breeze, catching and reflecting light and seemingly changing in size as they did so. Quite hard to explain the effect really, I wish I had a video to show you but trust me, they were seriously hypnotising!

I discovered The Geo Mobiles are made in Australia by Botten & Bouwman. There are three designs and sizes in the range, all made with marine grade stainless steel so they can be used indoor or out and when they require a clean you can just pop them in the dishy! How great is that!






Falcon Enamelware

If you are looking for some items that are classic, timeless and durable to add to your kitchen than look no further then the fabulous Falcon Enamelware range.

These iconic products have been baking mouth-watering meals since the 1920s! Traditionally they were only available in that classic white and navy combo but now Falcon has plans to extend the colour range starting with a brilliant red. These pieces will last the test of time, you can use them in the oven or on the stove top, hell, you can bring them camping if you wish! Picnics, parties or just everyday meals this range is a staple for any kitchen and gains extra brownie points for being dishwasher safe (We ALL love that !)

A recommended addition to any home and a true design classic.

Readily available through many stores worldwide, for Aussies I found Peters of Kensington to have the best prices ๐Ÿ™‚








Rugged and Exotic

Although we are heading into the cooler season here I am grasping onto the summer lifestyle and loving the thought of picnics, relaxing outdoors with plenty of nibbles (and wine!) and the company of some good friends.

And who better to invite to the party than the Fatboy Picnic Lounge! This huge oversized picnic rug looks more like an expensive Persian Rug and is guaranteed to up the ante at your next picnic. It is a generous size of 82 x 107 inches and has a couple very handy features. A carry strap for easy transportation, four big red pins to anchor the rug in place and the Fatboy label is in fact a handy pocket to stash your keys, phone or valuables and keep them safe and secure! How brilliant is that?!

The picnic rug is made from polyester, which isn’t a bad thing as it allows the rug to be durable, easy to clean and weather resistant. It also comes with a little brush so you can sweep away any sand or crumbs!

The Fatboy Picnic Lounge retails for $249.00 and is available in Australia through Design Public (International shipping is also available!)

Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge01 Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge02 Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge03 Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge04

Autumn Dining

Today I have a particularly appropriate Autumn post for you!

Verterra is an American company that create this amazing disposable Dinnerware from Fallen Leaves. Yep, you read right, fallen leaves! The dinnerware is created from fallen Palm leaves sourced from plantations combined with a mixture of steam, heat and pressure. The salvaged leaves are an agricultural by-product which would otherwise be burnt, so this is a very nice sustainable solution which is a brilliant alternative to harvesting trees.

The result is these beautiful plates which are durable enough to withstand anything you dish up at your dinner party, without the need for added toxins, bonding agents or glue. They won’t go limp and soggy like those paper plates and they contain no nasties like the plastic versions. And in case you weren’t already impressed, the dinnerware is also oven proof and microwave safe!

After use the plates will naturally biodegrade within two months, completing the natural cycle of a leaf as it composts and returns to the earth. Now that is some stylish, eco dinnerware!




Intelligent Speaker

See this stylish little cone? Well this is one clever little contraption too!

Cone is the first design created by start-up company Aether. Based in San Francisco, Aether is a software and hardware company that decided your speakers should not only look and sound amazing, but needed to be more intelligent too. A software program allows this wireless wi-fi speaker to choose the music you like, learning as it is used to create an archive of what style of music you like to listen to even noting your change in taste depending on your location! If you don’t like a song that cone has selected for you, turn the dial face to select another or press the centre button to request a song. These actions will also help the device narrow down your style consistently improving its selections to suit your taste.

The speaker has access to an impressive range of music, streaming from an online library of 20 million tracks, podcasts and internet radio stations or via access to your personal music collection on your Mac or iPhone using Airplay (An Android system is also in the works.) It is a fully portable design which will provide you with a cracking 8 hours of tunes thanks to a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

Cone will be available in late 2014 at a retail price of US$399. Initially they will only be available in the black and copper finish, a white and silver edition will follow by the end of the year. Join the reservation list to be first in line!


aether-cone_02 aether-cone_03