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Posts from the ‘Balcony & Verandah’ Category

Hanging for Spring

In our corner of the world spring has just sprung, and the warmer weather is tempting us with hints of the summer to come. Pretty flowers are blooming everywhere and it is a great time to celebrate by bringing these colourful blooms into your homes.

It is always nice to discover an unusual way to display things and these Chive Hanging Aerium vases are just adorable. They are hanging ceramic vases that are suspended by air line cable, and come in a selection of designs and colours. They are priced so well that you could comfortably create a stunning display without hurting your hip pocket. Simply fill with your favourite flowers, succulents or airplants and enjoy!

Beautiful Balconies

We are about to create Juliet balconies off each of our bedrooms, and it has started me thinking about how we utilise these small areas.

Balcony’s are such a tiny space that we pack full of character. Like a retreat or sanctuary, it is an area where we can enjoy an alfresco breakfast, relax and read a book, grow some potted plants or cheers drinks with friends. A funny mix of private and public, a balcony allows us to interact while creating a clear and physical divide. But majority of us just like to sit back and survey the world as it passes on by.

Is it just the association with Romeo and Juliet that gives balconies their romantic persona? At the very least, it is the most diverse couple of meters any home can have.

All images via Pinterest