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Rugged and Exotic

Although we are heading into the cooler season here I am grasping onto the summer lifestyle and loving the thought of picnics, relaxing outdoors with plenty of nibbles (and wine!) and the company of some good friends.

And who better to invite to the party than the Fatboy Picnic Lounge! This huge oversized picnic rug looks more like an expensive Persian Rug and is guaranteed to up the ante at your next picnic. It is a generous size of 82 x 107 inches and has a couple very handy features. A carry strap for easy transportation, four big red pins to anchor the rug in place and the Fatboy label is in fact a handy pocket to stash your keys, phone or valuables and keep them safe and secure! How brilliant is that?!

The picnic rug is made from polyester, which isn’t a bad thing as it allows the rug to be durable, easy to clean and weather resistant. It also comes with a little brush so you can sweep away any sand or crumbs!

The Fatboy Picnic Lounge retails for $249.00 and is available in Australia through Design Public (International shipping is also available!)

Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge01 Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge02 Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge03 Fatboy_Picnic_Lounge04

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  1. yvette mundell #

    Another great idea! Very good price for something that looks fantastic and lets face it would last for years! Love it.

    March 21, 2014

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