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Autumn Dining

Today I have a particularly appropriate Autumn post for you!

Verterra is an American company that create this amazing disposable Dinnerware from Fallen Leaves. Yep, you read right, fallen leaves! The dinnerware is created from fallen Palm leaves sourced from plantations combined with a mixture of steam, heat and pressure. The salvaged leaves are an agricultural by-product which would otherwise be burnt, so this is a very nice sustainable solution which is a brilliant alternative to harvesting trees.

The result is these beautiful plates which are durable enough to withstand anything you dish up at your dinner party, without the need for added toxins, bonding agents or glue. They won’t go limp and soggy like those paper plates and they contain no nasties like the plastic versions. And in case you weren’t already impressed, the dinnerware is also oven proof and microwave safe!

After use the plates will naturally biodegrade within two months, completing the natural cycle of a leaf as it composts and returns to the earth. Now that is some stylish, eco dinnerware!




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  1. yvette mundell #

    Wow. For a posh party or BBQ this would be wonderful. They look amazing.

    March 21, 2014

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