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Elevated Vase

The Elevated Vase is an elegant, minimal design by Thomas Benzen for Muuto. It is example of how graceful modern Nordic design is, and why I am so blissfully in love with it!

Aren’t these vases just so gorgeous? This two-part vase is a combination of a wooden base made from solid Ash, topped with blown glass in your choice of grey, rose or green. This design is so beautiful that I think even without the addition of flowers, it has a gem like quality which allows it to hold its own as an object.

Find your local stockist through the Muuto website.

THOMAS BENZEN ON THE DESIGN “The Elevated vase is about doing something exceptional for flowers. The wooden bowl holding the glass vase elevates the flowers, almost ritually, and frames them in a new Nordic poetic way. The materials are inspired by the flowers and branches I would put in the vase. The wood represent the roots in the soil and the glass the airy treetop, as it stands in nature. All together, creating a vase that combines a solid and rooted base with a light and divine top.”




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  1. yvette mundell #

    Very very nice. Just by itself is beautiful too.

    February 26, 2014

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