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Bamboo design

Continuing the Life Instyle assault on cuteness is The Macaron Family by The Bamboo Design.

How could you not love these guys?! The Macaron Family is a set of three bright, cheery characters that are also very useful.

Ted is a small square design perfect for holding toilet rolls or small tissue boxes, the paper feeds out of his mouth as required. Aroma is similar to Ted, but is designed to hold an air diffuser and has a hole at the top to allow the reeds to stick out like a spikey hair do (Um, ADORABLE!!) and Joy, the largest of the family, is built to hold a standard tissue box or paper towel. HOW CUTE ARE THEY!!!

Each design is created from MDF wood which is sealed with a high quality paint finish in your choice of 5 colour combinations. Prices range from only $49.95 – $59.95 each! Bargain!





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  1. yvette mundell #

    Love this. Great house warming gift!

    February 21, 2014

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