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Silent Alarm

Are you sick of being woken by your partners alarm? Their multiple whacks of the snooze button while you lie there thinking “Just get up already so I can go back to sleep!!”. Even if it is your own, alarms are such a harsh start to the day, startling you out of your slumber in the most unnatural way.

Welcome to the future! It is only a concept design at this stage, but what a brilliant idea the Silence alarm by Johan Brengesjo is! Created for use by two people, Silence uses wireless technology to wake you through vibrations sent from the clock to the ring that each person wears. It is an innovative approach that trades the traditional use of invasive sound, for a much more gentle and personal, tactile approach.

The snooze function is activated by a shake of the hand and each successive time you snooze, greater movement is required to stop the alarm! The main clock device is a contemporary design that allows you to program in multiple alarms and also acts as a charging station for the rings whilst not in use. The rings are made from soft rubber and are extendable to ensure they fit comfortably on all users.

What an extremely clever take on the traditional alarm clock that we all love to hate!





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  1. yvette mundell #

    Clever, Clever, Clever.

    December 11, 2013

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