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Clean Sweep

Bear with me… I’m having a bit of a moment with everyday items that have been re-incarnated through beautiful design. Yesterday Tom Dixons kitchenwares, today the Sweeper and Dustpan by Jan Kochanski.

Wow! Clever. Simple. Clean. (Pardon the pun!) Jan had the ingenious idea to use the handle of the dustpan as not only the brush holder, but also as a funnel to empty the contents through. This minor tweak of the classic dustpan design heightens its functionality. A huge light bulb moment of pure brilliance!

In fact, so much consideration has been invested in this deceivingly simple piece. The curved shape of the plastic dustpan prevents dust catching in corners, at the base of the beech brush handle is a loop for easy hanging and the bristles of natural horsehair were selected for their elite sweeping abilities.

This piece is really the perfect marriage of form, function and aesthetics. I bet you never thought you would be lusting after a dustpan and brush!





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  1. yvette mundell #

    This is clever. I like.

    December 4, 2013

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