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Wolf Gang

If you are more the werewolf, howl at the moon, type of person then you must check out what’s available on Society6 who sell the work of thousands of artists in the form of affordable prints, homewares and fashion items.

Below are some of my favourite works based on the wolf theme, but be sure to check their site as there is a huge amount of styles and subject matters available and I’m confident you will find a piece of art just perfect for you.

Remember, be the wolf, not the sheep…

2214083_7981996_lzShe-Wolf by Jenny Kadis

Society6_Wolf02Wolf III by Laure B.

Society6_Wolf03Wolf Child by Zach Terrell

Society6_Wolf04EXO Wolf Black by Cathy Tan

Society6_Wolf06Dia De Los Muertos Tribal Wolf Skull for Day of the Dead by Melissa Gable

3361323_7745060_lzWolf Boy by Tierney Milne


Wolf Blooming Art Print by ValerieD

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  1. yvette mundell #

    Gee some beautiful stuff. The website is amazing. Very talented people out there.

    October 24, 2013

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