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Bubbles and Fizz

One of the most common sounds you will hear at the races is the popping of champagne corks, bubbles go with racing like salt goes with pepper!

There aren’t many great variations on the champagne bucket and since a good champagne deserves a good home, I thought I might share with you the beautiful designs by esteemed French company l’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou and designed by Eric Berthes. Naturally the French know what they’re doing when it comes to champagne!

Unfortunately I do not know if these are available in Australia, if you are a stockist feel free to post a link to your website in the comments section below!



Champagne_Bucket03 Champagne_Bucket04


The Hermitage – The Crown Metropol Hotel Melbourne

If you are looking for an amazing hotel to stay in whilst attending the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, then the Crown Metropol should be on your hit list.

Located in the lovely Docklands on the edge of the city centre, it is walking distance to many main attractions, shopping precincts and close to transportation. The hotel itself is a beautiful example of modern decor and styling. I just love the artworks they have chosen to enliven the foyer of the hotel, huge timber ball sculptures by Korean artist Jae Lee Hyo and the gorgeous drips of colour in the mural painting by Melbourne artist Noël Skrzypczak. Both divine choices!

If you are a bit of a foodie you will love Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar, where acclaimed chef John Lawson will tempt you with his signature rustic french menu. Follow this with some evening drinks at 28, Crown Metropol’s sky bar and lounge which boasts some seriously spectacular views over the city skyline. The decor is as impressive as the views, think custom-made furniture, artwork by David Sequiera, a marble bar and a gas fireplace to make your stay as warm and cosy as possible.

Not a bad location to rest your weary heels after a day at the races!

The Hermitage – The Crown Metropol Hotel Melbourne
















The Birdcage

One of the most sought over areas at the races is known as the birdcage. It is the elaborate section of marques reserved for celebrities and VIP’s which is always a spectacular display of wealth, beauty and fashion in the most theatrical setting.

Cage Archibird by French designer Gregoire de Lafforest is a design that displays the same essence of wonder and awe. It is a birdcage built into an oak table which has cloche like glass domes at the top. It is a stunning design, which photographs beautifully. It is very minimal in its design, the simple oak table coupled with the system of tension cables, the white of the birdcage interior and the internal metal tree all combine to create a stylish, sleek design.

I must say though, as spectacular as this design is, I’m not too convinced that it is that functional. If you were to use it as a cage for real birds would you use the table for any other reason? And how do you clean the cage and the tree? I can’t imagine that pure white interior looking so great covered with a couple of days worth of droppings! But then I have never been such a fan of containing animals so perhaps I am just biased…

Perhaps a better idea would be to treat this piece as more of a sculpture, and fill with fake birds or something of the like, so it remains spotless and pristine and beautifully decorative. What do you think?







This weekend marks the start of the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, which is a huge event in Australia filled with horse races, fashion and plenty of fun. In celebration Hermit will be dedicating this week to equine related homewares and items related to this very special event.

Good luck with your bets everybody, hope you back a winner 😉


1. Bottlehook by Corter Leather & Cloth

2. Assemblages Leather Shelves by Lightly

3. Tan Leather Cushion by Mr & Mrs White

4. Toro Modern Lounge Chair by Blue Dot

5. All Oak mirror for Kate Sylvester by Douglas & Bec

6. Leather iPad Sleeve by Girl & Graaf

The Dark Side

I am currently loving high contrast colour use in homes, so I thought I might share some inspiration with you on how to use big blocks of black in your colour scheme.

Whether it be exteriors or interiors, black can be used for dramatic effect without feeling foreboding or claustrophobic. It seems the trick is balance, the colour black needs a partner in crime and wood, metallics or crisp white make the perfect combinations. The contrast of these tones or materials allow breaks in the colour which creates a sense of balance and avoids creating a cave like atmosphere.

Black also works for a multitude of styles, see below just how beautifully it can complement both a contemporary or classic style. A feature wall in black is the perfect colour to give extra depth to a space and also acts as a great backdrop to highlight artworks, photographs or special objects.

So can I tempt you over to the dark side with me?





















For the image credits and more black inspiration check out our Pinterest Page

Wolf Gang

If you are more the werewolf, howl at the moon, type of person then you must check out what’s available on Society6 who sell the work of thousands of artists in the form of affordable prints, homewares and fashion items.

Below are some of my favourite works based on the wolf theme, but be sure to check their site as there is a huge amount of styles and subject matters available and I’m confident you will find a piece of art just perfect for you.

Remember, be the wolf, not the sheep…

2214083_7981996_lzShe-Wolf by Jenny Kadis

Society6_Wolf02Wolf III by Laure B.

Society6_Wolf03Wolf Child by Zach Terrell

Society6_Wolf04EXO Wolf Black by Cathy Tan

Society6_Wolf06Dia De Los Muertos Tribal Wolf Skull for Day of the Dead by Melissa Gable

3361323_7745060_lzWolf Boy by Tierney Milne


Wolf Blooming Art Print by ValerieD