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Keen on Green

I’ve made it my mission of late to try to green my home. Although I’d like to be, I cannot claim to be much of a green thumb, I can be rather forgetful which means sensitive plants tend to lead a sort life with me! Hence my love of succulents, they are awesome, self-sufficient, my type of plant!

This week Hermit is turning all green with loads of ideas on how to add some plant life to your home too. Plants are a great addition to the home, they soften your space and cleanse your air, and if your like me (a try hard greenie!) there is an awesome selection of plants on the market that love the indoors and thrive on independence!


1. Watering Can by Kontextür – Available in Australia through Design Public

2. Lanna Garden Column by Ute Design

3. Handbuilt Hemisphere Planter by L and M Studio

4. PIK Vase by Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac / Horne

5. Hanging Pot – Materiality by Panoramica

6. Plantrellis by Luca Nichetto / Berga

7. Toer Fuji Vase for Serax – Available in Australia through Beautiful Spaces – Inside and Out

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  1. yvette mundell #

    Very beautiful stuff. I am really liking the Garden column.

    September 16, 2013

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