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Hermit is on Holidays!

Hi guys, Hermit will be going MIA for a couple of weeks to live, relax and find some more inspiration for you!

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Catch you on my return and thanks so much for tuning into my little blog, it really is wonderful to see my following growing and I feel rather flattered by it all. So thankyou, sending out a virtual bear hug to you all!!

Adios amigos!

Hermit xxx


Fiddle Leaf Fig

If there is such a thing as “The plant of the moment” than the Fiddle Leaf Fig is certainly it!

You may not be familiar with the name, but you most certainly would recoginse this plant with its large, sculptural leaves and majestic statue. Already popular in Europe, this plant has taken Australia by storm over the last year and its appeal shows no signs of waning. This plant literally has the power to transform your home into a lush, tropical oasis.

But can a self-confessed plant killer like myself possibly keep one of these alive? Essentially they are like an indoor tree so I was assuming the worst, but surprisingly all accounts claim that these plants seem quite user-friendly as long as you can provide a warm spot in the sun as their home and avoid over watering.

Hmmm, I’m thinking it’s time for  trip to the local nursery…






FiddleLeafFig07 FiddleLeafFig08








You can find even more Fiddle Leaf loving on our Pinterest page here!

Perfect Formula

I love these concrete planters by LAbC Design, they are like contemporary zen gardens!

Such a modern little design, they use geometric shapes and white pebbles to highlight the chosen plant, but also to create a patterned design within the concrete planter. What a cool little showcase piece for the coffee table or bench, and low maintenance too! LAbC Design also make some amazing furniture which combines concrete and wood in the same geometric fashion, well worth a look I promise!

Unfortunately they only ship within the USA, which is a shame for us Aussies, but lucky for any of our American readers!







The Hermitage – Quality Hotel Expo, Oslo, Norway

A brilliant example of using indoor plants and vertical gardens to complement a space can be found at Quality Hotel Expo in Oslo, Norway.

Designed by London studio Haptic Architects, it is a beautiful balance of green living mixed with the classic tones of Norwegian style. They have created an environment which is contemporary, classy and surprisingly serene. The design draws inspiration from the Norwegian landscape and incorporates natural materials such as wood, stone and of course the plant life to mimic the tones and atmosphere of the surrounding area.

There are 300 rooms and a conference centre within Quality Hotel Expo which are all styled in a calming neutral palette of greys, whites and blues and warmed with the addition of wood. But the area that I find most spectacular is the lobby and communal eating area where Haptic have created a stunning natural oasis. The neutral palette is continued in the area but is punctuated with pops of colour and the vibrance of living plants.

The communal dining area sits beneath a canopy of trees where during the day light filters through from the skylight above and at night creative up lighting is used to play with the shadows of the canopy. This area also included a mixed setting of dining chairs by famous designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and Jasper Morrison, an eclectic collection which mimics nicely the variety of hotel guests that make use of this area.

Isn’t this an amazing example of how a few large indoor plants can completely transform and lift a space!

The Hermitage – Quality Hotel Expo, Oslo, Norway













Photography is by Trine Thorsen.

Balancing Act

Wouldn’t it be great if your plant could tell you “Hey, I’m really thirsty over here!”, wouldn’t that save a few lives!

Well this vase by Design Soil essentially acts like a voice for your flowers! Water Balance is a beautiful minimal vase design which uses a counter weight to alert you when the water in the vase is running low. When you initially fill the vase the weight is balanced, allowing this wall mounted design to sit perfectly horizontal, but as the vase empties the balance shifts making the design skew on a diagonal and instantly alerting you that your flowers are in dire need of some TLC. Isn’t that just so clever!

Sleek and smart design, I think I love you!




Keen on Green

I’ve made it my mission of late to try to green my home. Although I’d like to be, I cannot claim to be much of a green thumb, I can be rather forgetful which means sensitive plants tend to lead a sort life with me! Hence my love of succulents, they are awesome, self-sufficient, my type of plant!

This week Hermit is turning all green with loads of ideas on how to add some plant life to your home too. Plants are a great addition to the home, they soften your space and cleanse your air, and if your like me (a try hard greenie!) there is an awesome selection of plants on the market that love the indoors and thrive on independence!


1. Watering Can by Kontextür – Available in Australia through Design Public

2. Lanna Garden Column by Ute Design

3. Handbuilt Hemisphere Planter by L and M Studio

4. PIK Vase by Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac / Horne

5. Hanging Pot – Materiality by Panoramica

6. Plantrellis by Luca Nichetto / Berga

7. Toer Fuji Vase for Serax – Available in Australia through Beautiful Spaces – Inside and Out