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A Brush with Bromley

Australian Artist David Bromley is already well-known for his amazing paintings and sculptures, but did you know he has recently branched into linen?

His quilt covers and throws are covered with the same playful paintings that he is renown for. The works really lend themselves well to the bed linen as they are all quite whimsical and have a dream like quality to them with their painterly lines and curious subject matters. I love seeing artists push the boundaries of how a work is viewed and used in a space, and I think this is a brilliant extension of his work.

Recently The Design Files featured David Bromley’s Byron Bay home, it is quite possibly the most eclectic and artistic residence I have ever set eyes on! Many of the images feature his new range of linen in situ, so I highly recommend taking a peek!

If you are keen on owing a piece from this new range it is available to purchase through Mark Tuckey home.



images courtesy of Mark Tuckey’s Instagram – @Mark_Tuckey

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  1. yvette mundell #

    No way. Didn’t expect these amazing pictures. Very nice.

    June 28, 2013

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