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Arty Farty

All parents will know, with any child comes an endless supply of art. Kids just love getting creative, which is awesome but, what do you do with the ever-growing pile of artworks? Well I want to share with you a couple of really interesting products that celebrate your child’s creativity.

First we have the Lil Davinci Art Gallery by Dynamic Frames. I LOVE this product! The frames are hinged so that they open at the front, this  allows you to constantly change the contents to create an ever evolving gallery wall. Each frame can also store up to 50 pieces of paper, keeping your childs artworks safely stored whilst also clearing space on your kitchen counter. (Everyone has that one section of the kitchen counter that collects paperwork right?!) There are a couple of options in sizes and number of frames to choose from, so please check out their website for all the details.

Now, if there is a drawing that you think is just the coolest, why not immortalize it by having the drawing made into a metal keychain, bookmark or piece of jewellery? Formia Design will take your child’s artwork and transform it into a physical piece made from sterling silver or titanium, how awesome is that!!










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  1. yvette mundell #

    What a great idea the frames are. Excellent.

    June 6, 2013
  2. Fantastic ideas. Thanks Hermit

    June 6, 2013
    • Brilliant aren’t they LoveLikeAdore and Yvette?! Think I may need to invest in some of those frames to de-clutter my bench at home 🙂

      June 7, 2013

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