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Wall Murals

When you think of a wall mural what comes to mind? For me I think of folk art and childrens bright paintings, like those you would find at a school or playground.

I am feeling a little inspired by artist David Bromleys home and think it is time to bring back the wall mural. You see, paint is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to rejuvenate your home, so why not combine this with a little creativity and put your personal stamp on your house? Granted, not all of us are blessed with the artistic ability to do this freehand but don’t let this turn you off! Many murals are created by using a projector, so if you can trace you can create!

Find a design, image or photo that you love or draw something yourself then use the projector to enlarge the artwork to fill your wall, mark out the design with pencil and then you’re ready to paint! Be honest about your abilities, realistic images will require shading and blending of colours so it is probably a good idea for beginners to start with a more graphic images that have clear blocks of colour.

Below are some inspiration for different styles of wall murals for all levels of ability. Take a peek and hopefully they will inspire you to take the plunge. And if worst comes to worst, and you absolutely hate the result, you can always just paint over it. No biggie, see?


















Still scared? Why not paint a wall with blackboard paint and let you friends, family and visitors create their own mural for you!


For these and more images please see Hermits Mural Pinterest Board

A Brush with Bromley

Australian Artist David Bromley is already well-known for his amazing paintings and sculptures, but did you know he has recently branched into linen?

His quilt covers and throws are covered with the same playful paintings that he is renown for. The works really lend themselves well to the bed linen as they are all quite whimsical and have a dream like quality to them with their painterly lines and curious subject matters. I love seeing artists push the boundaries of how a work is viewed and used in a space, and I think this is a brilliant extension of his work.

Recently The Design Files featured David Bromley’s Byron Bay home, it is quite possibly the most eclectic and artistic residence I have ever set eyes on! Many of the images feature his new range of linen in situ, so I highly recommend taking a peek!

If you are keen on owing a piece from this new range it is available to purchase through Mark Tuckey home.



images courtesy of Mark Tuckey’s Instagram – @Mark_Tuckey

The Hermitage – The Gladstone Hotel Toronto, Canada

Quite possibly one of the most arty hotels in the world is the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

Not only are the 37 rooms all designed by individual artists, the 2nd floor is also a dedicated gallery and artists residence. The hotel is owned by the Zeidler family, and managed by Christina Zeidler who is an artist herself. Originally built in 1889, The Galdstone Hotel is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Toronto. It still maintains its historic facade and elements of its historical past, including the restored Victorian elevator which is one of the last hand-operated elevators in Toronto! The artistic renovation undertaken by Zeidler Partnership has breathed new life into the premises, allowing it to embody the creative culture of the area.

This innovative space has become known as Toronto’s favourite Art Hotel and hosts numerous exhibitions throughout the year that showcase the work of local and international artists. This means each visit to the hotel is a unique experience as artists immerse the interiors with their pieces. The creative arts are further celebrated with the hotels live music venue, where anyone can pop in to catch a live performance while enjoying a couple of drinks.

For a list of future exhibitions and concerts please check their website.

The Hermitage – The Gladstone Hotel Toronto, Canada
















Porter Paints

If you are after fun but classy homewares, then Nicole Porter is your gal!

She creates pieces from wood but splashes them with metallic and neon pain in bold geometric designs. From spoons to plates and platters, she creates a collection of servingware that will bring the fun to any party! The natural colour of the wood is allowed to still shine but is given a cool edge by the introduction of the bright colours. I think her pieces are just divine, almost too good to serve on!

Nicole is currently on holidays, but her store will be back up and running next week with a whole host of new designs just begging to brighten your home with!










If you follow Hermit on facebook you will know that I recently discovered, and fell head over heels, for the threaded bentwood chairs by fresh, new Melbourne label Feliz. I instantly searched out this talented duo only to discover that their whole collection is all sorts of loveliness!

A beautiful balance of classic refinement, with little pops of colour and gorgeous illustrations, make each piece in their collection totally lust worthy. Adding to the beauty of the items is the fact that they have been lovingly created by hand by Feliz in Melbourne, or by artisans in India. Real consideration has been given to the choice of materials and matter of production, resulting in items that look as good as they make you feel!

They may be new on the block, but Feliz is already attracting plenty of attention, so keep an eye out because this label is really going places!

So without much further ado, please welcome our latest Meet your Maker, Feliz!


Artist Name: Feliz (aka Jane & Mel)

Artist Location: Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

Type of Work – Medium: Hand made and hand printed homewares – bedlinen, decorative cushions, teatowels, threaded chairs and more coming soon!


Feliz is quite a new company, what events lead to its creation and how would you describe your style of work?

Mel and I worked together years ago in product development and we have spoken about doing something together for a long time. But it wasn’t until we both had a baby at the same time, that we started talking seriously. It was one of those things that just felt so right – we were both totally inspired and passionate about creating products that ment something to us both and that we could leave our mark on. And finally the time was right for both of us to take the plunge!

We have a very similar design aesthetic – we love fresh, clean design with a pop of colour. Our work is very much focused on quality materials mixed with simple, fun design. We are using a really beautiful organic cotton for our bed linen and a 100% linen for our cushions.


Feliz has a strong emphasis on ethically and sustainably produced items, why is this such a huge part of your ethos and how does your company achieve this goal?

We are so fortunate to be from a country like Australia. With a background in International development and strong opinions around mass production and slave labour, creating products ethically for us was a must.

From the outset we were both certain we wanted to support local manufacturing and production as much as we could. But there was also a part of us that wanted to do something good for artisans in a developing country who need support and work in good working conditions. So we have struck a balance between local and international production. All fair trade, printed by us here in Melbourne, and traditional woodblock artisans in India.

The team at Bagru Textiles have been amazing – they have linked us with the artisans directly via video calls, so we can see the artisans printing our product. We can see where they are printing, the conditions they work in and who they are! Knowing all this means the world to us. Ethical and sustainable production always means for higher costs, but we wouldn’t change it for the world!


Who or what inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

Gosh, we are constantly inspired by Melbournes artists and designers. We love colour, so artists like Kirra Jamison, Miranda Skoczek and Ellie Malin really strike a chord with us.

We also love clean, fresh, simple design too. We think we’ve got the balance right in our range – offering fresh and unassuming designs with a burst of colour and fun should you be so inclined.


Where can readers see / buy your work?

For now, we are selling online only at Keep an eye on the stockists page of our website though – this is the next step for us!

We also hope to do a design market in Melbourne for Christmas, so stay connected via facebook for updates!


Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists / creators?

I’m not sure we feel qualified yet to give advice to others! But for us, its been really important to surround ourselves with people who are supportive and who ‘get’ what we’re trying to do.

I think the hardest part is building something from nothing – so it’s the time when support is everything! But honestly, we’ve never been happier or more fulfilled then we are now. And at the end of the day, we don’t want to wonder what could have been.

So we say to all of you out there thinking about starting something – just give it a go!


Mezzanine Magic

One of the best things about a warehouse conversion is the space and how it is utilized. The best way to exploit those sky-high ceilings is by dividing the space by use of a loft, mezzanine or gangway. This allows you to keep that spacious atmosphere, while the railings maintain that industrial feel.

Below are some of my favourite images that show a great cross-section of how to divide and use the space in different ways. I especially love the use of greenery in the first image, doesn’t it just soften the room? Also the bike on the pulley system, what a great storage/feature idea! Oh, and that fireplace… talk about amazing!

















Love these pics? Want to see more? Check out my Warehouse Mezzanine board on Pinterest