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The Hermitage – Songjiang Shimao Hotel China

So this is a little bit of an optical illusion in the fact that it isn’t quite reality yet, BUT who could wait?!

Behold the amazing Songjiang Shimao Hotel, or Songjiang Wonderland Continental, which is currently under construction in China. Located close to Shanghai, this hotel is being built on the site of an abandoned quarry in Songjiang. This stunning design is the work of re-known Atkins Global and is believed to having the working budget of US$555 million.

The 5 star, no expense spared hotel will consist of 19 stories that curve with the form of the existing quarry. 17 floors will sit below ground while the remaining two will be underwater once the quarry is filled to create an artificial lake. Plans are also in place for the lake to become the source for the hotels electricity and heating via new geothermal technology.

The roof of the hotel will be disguised with greenery and hanging gardens will soften and disguise the edges of the structure. A vertical glass atrium will form the centerpiece of the hotel, running the full height of the building to create the illusion of a waterfall, completing this mirage style design.

Estimated to be complete between 2013-15, I for one cannot wait to see real images of this fascinating design.







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  1. yvette mundell #

    OMG. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Very excited to see the finished product.

    May 1, 2013
  2. How I envy the Chinese and their capabilities to actually build grand projects such as these! When this hotel is finishes, this is probably going to be a world class wonder 😀

    May 1, 2013

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