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We are going all green this week to celebrate St Patricks Day! But not shamrocks or green material, we are talking about the real deal, living green items for your home.

Today, many of us are trying to incorporate more plants into our interiors, blurring that boundary between indoor and outdoor and embracing nature as part of the decor. Reflecting this trend we see many new and exciting designs that help us to display nature in our homes in ways that previously did not exist. There is also a new breed of designs that take inspiration from the hanging planters of the 60s and 70s but with a modernised and more sophisticated feel.

I have previously blogged about items here, here, here and here that I still swoon over, but this week I have found even more items to add to your list of must haves! (And mine!)

It is time to embrace your inner greenie!


1. Classic Gardening Glove by Bionic Australia

2. Hanging Test Tube Vase by Pigeon Toe

3. Case Study Cylinder Plant Pot with Stand by Modernica

4. Sophie Conran Gardening Tools by Burgon & Ball

5. Terra by Fort Standard

6. Rubber Gumboots / Wellies in Nero Tweed by Pipduck (available through Hard to Find)

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