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Teen out of Teen

For the teen girl, think pretty but with a more mature edge.

I fell in love with this bird light recently at Life Instyle, cut from a paper-thin metal sheet it simply fits over a bare bulb (total design brilliance!) The vases are also amazing, you probably cannot tell in the image but they are folded metallic paper that surround an ordinary, everyday drinking glass, ingenious or what?!

Moroccan pouffes are super trendy at the moment and are available in a huge range of fun colours, great comfortable seating for teens to have D&Ms on. Flameless candles means an atmospheric room without any safety concerns, add an arty print with attitude and I think we are on a winner.

And now it is apparent. Clearly I am obsessed with the new Snurk range, there is just too much amazingness in the one place I tell you! So to save me posting every single design they create, I suggest you just check out their site directly. Brilliant, clever design that is totally unique and super fun. I think I want one of each…

teen girl

1. Bird light by Pigeonhole

2. The Snug Vase by Snug Studio

3. Moroccan Pouffes by Ada & Darcy

4. Forever Young print by Blacklist Studios

5. Flameless Wax Candles by Real Safe Candles

6. Snurk New School Pink quilt cover (Available in Australia through Vincent2)

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  1. yvette mundell #

    How fantastic is that bird light! Its on $79. Excellent. And those vases are a must. So cheap. Excellent.

    March 8, 2013
    • I know, Bargains! Goes to show that great design can also be affordable 🙂

      March 8, 2013

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