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Robin Egg Blue

Robin Egg Blue really is one of those classic colours. The beautiful cool tone of the blue always creates such a fresh, crisp aura in any room to which it is added. Depending on how it is used, Robin Egg Blue can either generate a sense of luxury and glamorous style or rekindle memories of vintage loveliness (That SMEG!!).

I live on the coast, so this colour combined with crisp white is one of my favourite combinations, it just screams beach to me. Below are some stunning inspirational images of various ways to use this classic colour in your home.

Happy Easter everyone, may all your eggs be good ones!










DuckEggBlue010 DuckEggBlue011





DuckEggBlue016 DuckEggBlue017

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Easter Bunny

Looking for something other than chocolate to give this Easter? Something small and not too expensive?

Bingo! Enter the Qualy Desk Bunny! A very clever, not to mention super cute, functional easter present idea. How inventive is the use of the scissor handles as ears! And what a tidy little friend he will be to your desk top as he holds all your paperclips for you. Buy your very own bunny here or here

This little guy will be a favourite will all ages and best of all, he is guilt (and fat) free!




The Hermitage – Hotel Hershey Pennsylvania

Attention all chocoholics! Welcome to your dream holiday location, Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania. And yes, we are talking about THE Hershey chocolate!

Located on a hill overlooking the famous town of Hershey sits this beautiful Hotel built in the 1930’s by the man behind the famous chocolate, Milton S Hershey. A destination in itself, this hotel boasts 276 guests rooms, a 9 hole golf course and a year round ice skating ring!

But the pièce de résistance has to be the Chocolate Spa (be still my beating heart!!) Imagine yourself enjoying a whipped cocoa bath or chocolate fondue wrap, or trying to resist a sneaky taste during a cocoa facial. No wonder this town is known as the Sweetest Place on Earth!

And if you do happen to over indulge ( When in Rome…) you can always burn some calories on the hiking trails, in the swimming pools or skiing and tobogganing. If you have kids, head to Herseypark for live entertainment and hours of fun on the 65 rides. Sounds like heaven to me!













Herseys013 Herseys014





Sound the Bell

Easter is a time of religious significance to many people, so I thought featuring this particular light was very fitting.

The Bell Lamp by Normann Copenhagen is one of those beautifully simplistic, yet awe worthy designs that I just adore. Based on the shape of the classic church bell these lights are made from steel and available in two colour combinations and two sizes.

I particularly like how the design uses the power cord to emphasise the handle of the bell, making you forget its functionality and instead look at it as purely a support for the beautiful bell shape.

Available in Australia through Surrounding.





Hot Crosses

Welcome to Easter Week on Hermit Homewares!

I just love Easter time, mainly because I am a self-confessed chocoholic! But it is easy to OD on all those chocolate treats, so this week I have tried to find some other great options for Easter gifts. First up is a selection of homewares that feature the cross symbol.

This pattern is a really hot trend at the moment and can be found is so many colours on a vast array of different homewares, below are some of my favourite pieces, hope you love them too!


1. Addition Rug by Armadillo & Co

2. Cross Knitted Jacquard Bean Bag by La De Dah Kids

3. Britta Ceramic Trivet by Country Road

4. Save Me Pillows by Non-Perishable Goods

5. Rainy Day Umbrella Stand by De Padova

6. Cross Blanket by Pia Wallen / Mjolk

Planinsek Art

I was very impressed when I met Chloe recently at the Decoration and Design Trade fair in Sydney.

Initially I was drawn to her emotive paintings with their impressionistic swirls of colours and raised dabs of paint which combine to give the pieces both character and texture. Then after speaking with Chloe I realised that she is also a very clever business woman.

She has used her abilities as a painter to create works of Fine Art, but has also realised the potential of commercial products. As many an artist will tell you, life as a creative is rewarding but not always in the material sense. Chloe has found a way to commercialise part of her work, creating some bread and butter while not compromising on her standard or quality of art.


Artist Name: Chloe Planinsek, owner of Planinsek Art

Artist Location: South Yarra, Melbourne Australia

Type of Work – Medium: Acrylic on canvas paintings

How would you describe your style of work?

Abstract, fluid, peaceful, happy!


Are you formally educated or self-taught?

Mainly self-taught, although I studied Fine Art at school and majored in drawing in my final years. At university I studied Visual Merchandising and Design which required a lot of illustrating, so there has always been a creative parallel to my painting.

I originally started painting for my home as I could not find artwork that had more of a ‘feeling’ rather than a ‘scene’ of something. I wanted it to reflect me and also work in with my interior colours. I used to get lovely compliments and people asked me to paint for them, so one thing lead to another.


Who or what inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?

When I paint, I flow into a world that lives above us. The beautiful movement and colours of the clouds with the backdrop of the sky in all its magical colours, is a place I find dreamy. I often feel there is a rhythm or melody that would go hand in hand with the world above us, so my paintings are usually painted with the company of beautiful music.

Otherwise, I love the beauty of landscapes, leaves, funnily enough I like colours of food! One of my last commissions I called ‘Sorbet Skyline’ as the colours looked soft and edible! Same as “Rocky Road” and ‘Chocolate Dream’


Where can readers see / buy your work?

I offer a range of other products as an off shoot from the paintings, so I have a stockist page on my website which lists all of the places that sell my art work and product range. My website is also an online shop where customers receive a free Planinsek Art watch with purchases over $100! The face on the watches have my artwork and there are fun colours to choose from.

The range consists of Art cushions, placemats, coasters and printed canvases.

I brought out a more affordable range of printed canvases which are called the ‘Glimpse Series’ as they show close up images (or glimpses) of my original larger paintings. These have been fantastic for property styling companies. I never reproduce an original in its entirety.

My main business is painting commissions. I will go to peoples homes or offices either through an interior decorator or through a private client, and discuss with them what size and colours they would like and then we look at what style they like.

They usually have chosen a few images from my ‘Sold & Commissioned’ paintings section on my website and tell me what they like about them so I can understand the mood they are after. We often will end up with a painting that is a merge of two of my previous paintings in style.

It is always so nice painting for clients as they end up with a piece that has been painted especially for them and fits into their interior.


Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists / creators?

Save your money to start with and go commercial. You will need your saved pennies for the trade fairs to meet the right people. While exhibiting through galleries is always nice, I have found they are a slower avenue for selling paintings. Also build yourself a database of companies and people in the industry who you would like to do business with and keep them up to date with your work. It is a nice way to stay in touch with the people you have met along the way and have done business with.