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Vintage Bottles

I have always had an unexplained attraction to vintage glass bottles and jars. I love to use them as a vase or display them on a window sill for the sunlight to shine through, illuminating their colours and designs.

Part of the attraction is the irregularities in vintage glass, the wobbly imperfections, the embossed labels and the lovely range of designs they come in. Vintage Coke bottles have always been popular but lately it is all about the Ball Mason jars. Re-purposing has seen these transformed into lighting fixtures, soap dispensers, terrariums and even snow domes! Call me strange, but I actually prefer them just as they are, they aren’t called perfect mason for nuthin!

So if you love coloured glass perhaps consider adding a little vintage in your life, preserve a little piece of history and gain yourself an object of enduring interest.

Vintage_Bottles01 Vintage_Bottles02 Vintage_Bottles03 Vintage_Bottles04 Vintage_Bottles05 Vintage_Bottles06 Vintage_Bottles07 Vintage_Bottles08

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  1. yvette mundell #

    Me too. Have lots at home and love them to bits. Always looking for more.

    February 22, 2013

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