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Hallmark Yadda Yadda

Happy Valentines Day!

Meh, I hear half the population say. Valentines Day is so Hallmark. Sure, I do kinda agree with this but it doesn’t have to be, I believe it is really a day where the “thought” can be worth more. A fancy restaurant is nice but so is a romantic picnic or candle light dinner at home.

So for today’s post I do not have an expensive item for you to rush out and buy, it’s more an idea, a DIY that is inexpensive but thoughtful and meaningful (aka mushy, sweet and blush worthy!)

Every couple has a song that marks a special moment in their relationship and brings back great memories whenever it is heard. So why not use this today as your gift! Find sheet music of your song and frame it, use it as a place mat or table runner for your dinner. Cannot find the sheet music? Try using the lyrics or even just a key phrase from your song to create an artwork.

I think this is such a sweet idea that your valentine will truly appreciate, definite brownie points on a budget!











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  1. yvette mundell #

    Bloody great idea! Great idea for a wedding or anniversary too. Tops.

    February 14, 2013

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