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Garden Green


I have a major crush on Juliska Stoneware Ceramics!

I recently discovered the Jardins du Monde Collection (shown in Garden Green) and thought, I need to start planning a dinner party STAT. In reality, this collection is probably a little too sophisticated for my current life with two toddlers but I live in hope that one day, I will be able to host elegant dinner parties with friends served on delish dinnerware such as this.

And in case you need any further selling points the collection is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe (aka host friendly) AND it is in the hottest colour of 2013, emerald!

The Hermitage – Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Resort

Have you ever heard of glamping? Well it is my kind of camping! You get to enjoy all the great things about camping (the fresh air, nature, the tent) while eliminating the nasties (share toilets and showers!!!)

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Resort is a perfect example of glamping. It is half hotel room and half camp tent, you are spoiled with a stunning location and authentic open-air living while not giving up all the creature comforts in life. Great for those of us who kinda aren’t that keen on roughing it too much!

Located within the Cape Range National Park in Western Australia, the resort consists of nine tents that surround a main lodge. With plenty of activities, services and the beautiful landscape on offer,  you will definitely be spoilt with everything from food through to fun.

The Hermitage – Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef Resort















Sweet Sanchez

I am quite partial to a watercolour but when I discovered the work of Luli Sanchez, I was totally smitten.

Sanchez is a Cuban born artist and print textile designer that has worked for many years in the fashion industry and often collaborates with West Elm. She has a huge portfolio of work across many styles so please check out her website.

I think these watercolour florals are my favourite though, soft yet vibrant, delicate with detail. LOVE!

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Floral Frenzy

Time to get a little girly and romantic!

Florals always inspire dainty thoughts and set a delicate, romantic mood to your room. Below is a gorgeous collection that celebrates all things deliciously pretty, why not add a little romance to your life?


1. Floral porcelain cutlery by Mel Robson

2. Copper Sprout Herb Markers by J Crane Jewelry

3. Floral Wing Back patchwork sofa by Name Design Studio

4. Re-purposed vintage china butterflies by Twiceloved China

5. Petal cushion in blush by Aura by Tracie Ellis

6. 5 O’Clock chair by Moooi

The Great Outdoors

We really are quite blessed to live in Australia. Our hot summers are the perfect for outdoor entertaining and thus, summer is definitely party season here.

Australia Day BBQ’s are quite the tradition, a celebration of our warm climate, relaxed lifestyle and love of the great outdoors. So in keeping with this I have compiled a selection of images that blur the line between indoor and outdoor. The servery window, the bi-fold door, the outdoor kitchen and of course the moonlight cinema. Architecture that takes the indoors out and lets us enjoy the best of both worlds at once.

The outdoor cinema has definitely been added to my personal wish list!











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Ankle Biters

Don’t forget the kids! Here are some gorgeous Australia Day items perfect for little pip squeak. Cute or what?!


1. Munchies wooden jigsaw by Make Me Iconic

2. Crochet Koala Cushion by Peanut Butter Dynamite

3. Cockatoo Tote Bag by Ask Alice / Hard to Find

4. Hello Possum by Make Me Iconic

5. Wooden Toy Ferry by Make Me Iconic