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The Hermitage – Goli Bosi Design Hostel, Split Croatia

The unassuming exterior of this Hostel is in vast contrast to the edgy, ultra modern interior.

Goli Bosi Design Hostel in Split is like stepping inside a piece of graphic design. The interior is a burst of bright yellow, crisp white and black. Diagrams cover the floor as though you are within a piece of product packaging, and the history of the town is written on the walls as a design feature that doubles as a tourist guide. The predominately yellow interior is also a nod to the history of the town, symbolising the sulphur baths which the area used to be famous for.

The compact design elements of the room are reminiscence of Japanese pill hotels, a surreal kind of environment that is playful and youthful, a perfect fit for a hostel.

The Hermitage – Goli Bosi Design Hostel, Split Croatia

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  1. yvette mundell #

    I am a fan of white but I wonder how clean this place is kept. The yellow looks amazing.

    October 24, 2012

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