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The Hermitage – Hotel Burchianti, Florence Italy

A spooky Hermitage for you today, perfect for Halloween!

Welcome to Hotel Burchianti in Florence Italy, reported to be one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Originally established in 1936, this hotel can be found on the first floor of a historical building in Florence. Like stepping back in time, each room has an air of extravagance because of the antique furnishings, rich tapestries and the stunning hand painted frescoes on the ceilings which date back to the XVII century.

But back to the ghosts. Request the Fresco room if you wish to experience a paranormal stay. Reports state that Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini once stayed in this room and guests have reportedly seen an apparition of a man, felt cold breath on their face or the eerie sensation of being watched. But events are not isolated to this room, the rest of the hotel also has a ghost of a child who skips down the corridors, a maid that never clocks off and an old woman that knits in a chair. CREEPY!

At least when you are lying awake, shuddering at every squeak and creak you will have a beautiful ceiling to stare at. My guess is that you get to know that fresco pretty damn well by the end of your stay!

The Hermitage – Hotel Burchianti, Florence Italy


The Skull trend in fashion and homewares is still going strong but I must say, it really isn’t to my taste. But I believe I may have found an exception!

Have you seen the wallpaper range by Beware The Moon? Their skull series has a much more sophisticated feel to it that screams Alexander McQueen as opposed to Captain Feathersword.

They use flock velvets, glitter and iridescent ink to emphasise the repeated skull pattern on their design. The result is a seriously tough but classy wallpaper series that I think would convert even the biggest critics.


Welcome to Halloween week on Hermit!

What would Halloween be without the old tradition of trick or treat? Well the following treats are all totally sweet and won’t rot your teeth or go straight to the thighs. Homewares that look good enough to eat! Tempting right?

1. Glass Bubblegum Paperweight by Esque Studio

2. Sugarchain Light by Kristin Overbeck

3. Candy Stools by Kristin Overbeck

4. Gummybear Lamp by Lark

Feeling exposed

Although it isn’t actually something new, exposed pipes in the home can make a striking design feature.

Brass pipes have long been used in Victorian bathroom decor, stainless steel in more recent designs but recently the resurgence of copper is really taking off (if you can afford it that is!) Just look how exposed pipes have been used in the following Pinterest images. The styles move from Victorian, to industrial, to cool minimalism with ease but I have to say, the polished copper just has to be my favourite, how about you?


Loving the latest design by Yonoh Estudio.

The ARC chair is a beautiful, minimal design that centers on ergonomics, making the chair as comfortable and user-friendly as possible. This design is stack-able which also makes it a great space-saving option. The seat and backrest are made of plywood supported by a steel rod structure. Available in a range of colour combinations with the option of an upholstered seat also, this chair can really cater for a variety of styles.

The Hermitage – Goli Bosi Design Hostel, Split Croatia

The unassuming exterior of this Hostel is in vast contrast to the edgy, ultra modern interior.

Goli Bosi Design Hostel in Split is like stepping inside a piece of graphic design. The interior is a burst of bright yellow, crisp white and black. Diagrams cover the floor as though you are within a piece of product packaging, and the history of the town is written on the walls as a design feature that doubles as a tourist guide. The predominately yellow interior is also a nod to the history of the town, symbolising the sulphur baths which the area used to be famous for.

The compact design elements of the room are reminiscence of Japanese pill hotels, a surreal kind of environment that is playful and youthful, a perfect fit for a hostel.

The Hermitage – Goli Bosi Design Hostel, Split Croatia