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Hermit is on Holidays

Morning all!

So I have decided to take a couple of weeks in lieu to survive school holidays without the pressure of any blog deadlines.

Things are a little mental in my neck of the woods at the moment. We are nearing completion of the first stage of our home renovation which is so exciting! We just love watching as our ideas are made into reality, and you must know that I am just chomping at the bit to get decorating on the interiors. Alas, a mountain of paint tins will demand my attention before I can get my interior decorator hat on. Maybe I’ll post some pics once we are all complete if you are keen to see…

Also considering applying to go on “The Block”, have you heard of it? It is a renovation / reality tv program that I have been a little obsessed with since it began. I love the idea of renovating, giving new life to a building with history, quirks and character. But who applies for a renovating program whilst in the middle of their own home construction?! I can’t decide if I am a renovation junkie or if I just have a couple of screws loose!

Anyho, normal blog posting will be resumed in a couple of weeks.
Till then, cheerio!


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