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Instant Recognition

I’m pretty sure that most people today have heard of Instagram. Everyone I speak to is on it and I constantly view an amazing array of arty images and fun snapshots from all corners of the world.

Thanks to all the great effects and ease of use, everyone appears to have Instagram insanity. Have you noticed people pointing their phones at weird objects, bending over backwards to get that shot, holding high, holding low, getting close, every moment is a photo opportunity. Coming from a photography background I love it, what could be more fun than encouraging people to get creative?

But guaranteed, all your effort has been wasted, as these amazing images sit on your phone. Want to know how to share your images in a whole new way?

CasetaGram – Iphone or Ipad case made using your Instagram images

Coastermatic – Round sandstone coasters that feature your Instagram images

StickyGram – make magnets of your Instagram photos the same size as your mobile screen

ImageSnap – Ceramic photo tile collection (Think of the mural magic people!!)

Instamaker – print your Instagram images on cups, t-shirts or postcards

Printsgram – posters of your Instagram images

Are you on Instagram? We are! Follow us at hermithomewares

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  1. yvette mundell #

    I think I live under a rock. I didn’t know any of this was out there. I do now!

    July 21, 2012

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