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Little Dandelion

Australian company Little Dandelion make a stunning range of over-sized knitted throws and blankets.

Their exaggerated form dwarfs you in size, making you feel like a child all over again. As cozy and comfortable as they look, each piece is created with passion, love and many hours of tireless work!

Recently picked up by multiple new stockists, it is refreshing to hear that success can come from a learned skill, that was handed down to Jacqueline by her mother. A lovely sentiment to encourage everyone to keep quality craftsmanship alive and to cherish the skills of our ancestors.


Photography by Rachel Kara

Artist Name: Jacqueline Fink / Little Dandelion

Artist Location: Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Type of work – Medium: Woollen and Linen Textiles

How would you describe your style of work?
I’d say it’s intuitive. Given my lack of formal training in textile design, I don’t feel constrained by any preconceived notions of what my work should be.

I make things I love and it’s a bonus if others like them too. Everything I do is completely by hand, so every piece is one-of-a-kind. I am driven purely by the need to create. I’m drawn to objects which give me sensory feedback so I guess it’s no accident that all my pieces are highly textural by nature. They are also exceptionally warm.

It’s hard to appreciate the scale of my pieces without seeing them first hand. They are an artwork, as much as a functional object and they take hours and hours to complete. I’m talking days really. I put a lot of love and effort into each and every one and I love to know where they end up.

Photograph by Sharyn Cairns, Styling by Glen Proebstel

Are you formally educated or self-taught?
I am formally educated (LLB) but not in anything remotely related to my work. I knitted as a child with my mother but it never occurred to me that living a creative life was a valid work choice. Shame on those career advisors in the 1980s, although I suspect it’s not really any different now.

Photography by Rachel Kara

Who or what inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?
This is a hard question to answer because I am inspired by so many things. My work is a tangible reflection of my journey thus far so I’d have to say that it’s ones life experience, and not just my own, that is the ultimate inspiration to me.

I don’t mean to sound political, but my work is my quiet rebellion against society’s desire for perfection and it’s expectation of conformity. I really dislike mindless, mass production and I find the increasing mechanisation of our world troublesome. That an individual can take the time to create with their own hands something beautiful out of nothing is something to really value because it is created with love, care and considerable thought.

Curiously my ideas come to me in my dreams or when I’m driving in the car listen to music. I like to sit on an idea for a few days before I work it up though. Often, the best ideas come out of my mistakes.

Where can readers see / buy your work:



85 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery, NSW

Les Interiors
5-349 Barrenjoey Rd
Newport Beach, NSW 2106

Lisa Madigan
Shop 1 / 70 Albert St
Berry, NSW

Hermon & Hermon
556 Swan Street
Richmond VIC 3121

Spacecraft Fiztroy
225 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy VIc 3065

Commissions: I do accept commissions. People can email me at for more information.

Photography by Rachel Kara

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists / creators?
Don’t listen to the nay sayers, trust your artistic intuition, create branding which is in keeping with your story, work hard and just do it. Success is in the doing, failure is not having tried at all. Above all, move beyond your fear.

Photograph by Sharyn Cairns, Styling by Glen Proebstel

Under the Canopy

I love a good Canopy Bed but generally they are just a plain frame, or otherwise they flip to the extreme and are some over the top fantasy creation.

After an extensive search I have discovered an elegant example by Equator Homewares called the Ariya Canopy Bed. It is striking because it is a perfect balance of simple and ornate. Crafted by hand using American walnut, the bed has an air of Balinese style and is sure to make you feel like you are relaxing in your own private resort.

Another nice touch to this design is the concealed storage beneath the mattress, two drawers on each side to hide away all your bits and pieces. And since you are saving space by not having any bedside tables perhaps you can fit in the matching armchair and privacy screen instead!

The Ariya Canopy Bed is available via special order, please contact Equator Homes here.

Velvet Bean

I’m a bit of a greenie at heart and I love a good coffee, so it should come as no suprise that I’m rather smitten with the cushion and pouffe range available through Velvet Bean.

Each piece is hand-made using burlap coffee sacks that are saved from ending up as landfill. The coolest detail is that each sack used to create these homewares is totally unique and features stamps from the wholesaler, merchant and it’s country of origin.

Perfect for transforming a little nook in your home into a trendy, rustic cafe setting! Coffee anyone?

All Zipped Up

I know, I know, I am totally obsessed with paper creations at the moment. But seriously, how clever are these designers? It blows my mind when I see what can be created from a piece of paper, when I literally struggle to make a paper aeroplane!

Behold the amazing, origami inspired light pendants created by Zipper 8 Lighting. From spikey to scalloped, ruffled to floral, they have a range of designs to suit all tastes. Searching for something truly unique? Then check out the designs made from cocktail umbrellas and soda can tabs! Crazy but fabulous!

Winning Style

Yes, I am still style crushing on Tom Dixon designs. But what a perfect day to showcase some great british products.

I previously featured the Etch Shade, but did you know you can also purchase the Etch Candle Holder? It is now available in copper, stainless steel or brass finish that look perfect as a set. You know, it is almost like winning gold, silver and bronze at the Olympics, just don’t try running around your home carrying the candle holder like the Olympic torch, it isn’t recommended!

Regardless of what country you are from, I think we can all agree, Tom Dixon…. you’re a winner.

We interupt our normal broadcast to announce…

Hello Hermit followers,
Today is a little special because we are the featured guest blogger for the fabulous online store Hard to Find!

So if you fancy a little bohemian style, pop across to their blog to view some inspirational images and to read Hermits advice on how to achieve this look.

Loving what you see? We have also compiled a Pinterest board that showcases Hard to Find items that you can purchase to make this look a reality in your own home.

Happy shopping!


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