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Fresh flowers are a beautiful and easy way to enliven your home without committing to a permanent change or ongoing upkeep. But what is the best way to keep your blooms looking fresh and new? Being a novice on the subject, I thought I had best call on the professional opinion of my lovely Florist friend Rheannon Lee Floral Design.

Here are Rheannon’s top tips on how to keep your flowers as fresh as a daisy!

Kale – trim stem and place in a vase containing bleach and water. Trim the stem and renew water and bleach mixture daily to avoid that nasty cabbage smell 3 days in, Eewwwwww.

Hydrangea and sunflowers – Scold stem ends in boiling water for 30-40 seconds them immerse in cold water to prolong their life span.

Tulips – Will keep for longer in a cooler room, if the temperature is too warm the flower heads will droop and drop their petals quickly.

Lily’s – Remove the stamen just as the flower is beginning to open to avoid nasty stains from the pollen on your linen.

Handy hint: If the pollen from the lilies does fall on to the carpet or table-cloth, place sticky tape straight on top and rip off like a band-aid, continue placing a new piece of sticky tape on the area until removed.

Gerber and Calla Lily’s – Fill the vase with only 2 – 3 inches of water to avoid gooey stems, Yukko!

Orchids – Drink from the flower head (same as hydrangeas) so soak them in the sink for 10 – 15 mins before placing in a vase. Also cut the orchids on an angle under the water to minimise exposure to air.

Rose – Remove browned or bruised outer petals of the rose to reveal new fresh ones underneath, Da Dahh, new rose. *Magic*

But Rheannon’s main tips for ALL flowers are: Change the water daily, keep flowers in a cool room, avoid direct sunlight and place flowers away from heat sources such as fireplaces or heaters. Oh and of course, drop PLENTY of hints to your partner about how beautiful flowers are to ensure a fresh supply!

*All images courtesy of Pinterest*

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  1. yvette mundell #

    Some very handy hints. I have always loved fresh flowers but never knew how to really look after them. I do now!

    May 28, 2012
    • Same! Love finding out tricks of the trade too, would never in my wildest dreams imagined you would use bleach on flowers!

      May 28, 2012

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