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Designer Mama

The Polish designer behind the amazing Test Tube Chandelier, Pani Jurek, has just released her newest creation. Delicate and whimsical, Designer Mama is an embroidered tablecloth with a difference.

Once in place, the tablecloth transforms the space under the table into an embroidered room furnished with a selection of modern designer items. The George Nelson clock, the Eames storage unit, Thorsten Van Elton antler rack, the list continues. Fancy no?! What a way to encourage imaginative play (and instill good taste and appreciation of designer goods!)

But what about the flip side of the table-cloth? Well she has thought of this too, and made all the knots into tiny rosettes surrounded by stitches, simple and pretty!

It isn’t often you find a homeware that caters for all ages!

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  1. Clinton #

    How awesome! What a funky little cubby idea.

    May 3, 2012
  2. yvette mundell #

    I’m sorry but there are some very clever people out there and I am not one of them. What a fantastic idea. GOD I hate my life!

    May 3, 2012

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