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Four Eyes Furniture

Personally I think Sevin harbors a secret love of Australia, he is obsessed with Crocodile Dundee and just quietly his stealthy table looks a little like a boomerang to me.

He is the brains and the brawn behind US company Four Eyes Furniture. I initially fell in love with his wooden portraits but later discovered that his range of furniture had a certain under stated cool that I could get used to.

Sevin is currently working on extending the range to include bookshelves and chairs so be sure to view his website for the full range and follow on facebook to keep up with all the latest.

Artist Name: C. Sevin Salomone – Four Eyes Furniture

Artist Location: Whittier, California USA

Type of work – Medium: Furniture design and manufacturing, only in wood for now…but I hope to expand upon that in the near future.

How would you describe your style of work?
In conversation, whenever I am asked this question…and I need to keep my answer brief, I usually just say “Mid-century Modern-ish” furniture. I don’t think it’s 100% accurate, but it gets the job done. In reality…I think that some of my designs are things that would probably look out-of-place if they were to hop in a DeLorean and time travel back to the 50s or 60s: but they certainly employ some of the same qualities as pieces from that era.

I once heard somebody describe my style as “Masculine”. I thought that was kind of cool. I’m certainly not a feminine guy…but “masculine” probably wouldn’t be in the top 50 adjectives I’d use to describe myself!

Are you formally educated or self-taught?
Between the two choices, I guess I would have to lean more towards “self-taught”. The reason I’m hesitant to say that is because I have certainly gained knowledge and have been guided by lots of different people.

The closest to formal education that I’ve had were a pair of community college courses in “beginning woodworking”. They didn’t teach anything about the design aspect…more just proper use/safety with the various tools you’d find around a shop. Other than that, most of my education has come from asking questions on internet forums and trial and error.

Who or what inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?
At the risk of sounding cliche…I would say my inspiration can come from anywhere. I realize that is a very vague answer and I don’t want to be “very vague”: so rather, I’ll just share the story of the inspiration for the first thing I ever designed and built on my own.

Initially the source of inspiration, I suppose, would be necessity. We needed a coffee table…so I’d build a coffee table. The next source of inspiration would be other coffee tables. I looked at them in books, online, in person…and tried to determine what things were important to me. What I found out was that aesthetics were the most important thing to me…I didn’t really care about utility, having lots of drawers and storage cubbies etc…I just wanted it to look cool. Once I figured out what things I liked (aesthetically), I began drawing. I usually start off drawing exaggerated versions of what my finalized design will be. Throughout this process I realized that most of my drawings were somewhat reminiscent of spiders…so then spiders, in a way, became my inspiration. From that point, all of my drawings would incorporate this sort of wide, menacing stance…if that makes any sense.

I guess the point is, inspiration can hit from anywhere…and evolve to anything. Certainly there isn’t a direct line from “necessity” to “spiders”, but that is just how that piece played out. For my next project I hope to use “desperation” and “koala bears” 🙂

Where can readers see / buy your work:

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists / creators?
The people who you aspire to be like aren’t any better than you or any smarter than you…so go and get to work.

Smart Owl

Just a curious question, are owls actually smart? They certainly are always depicted that way…

The Owl light by fishtnk is definitely smart. It comes with its own app so that your phone or computer can control the intensity of the light as well as the colour temperature. You can program it to remember settings and adjust throughout the day so it only outputs the amount of light you need (or want), saving you from your energy bill. There are also pre-set programs that will adjust the light according to the time of the day, location and weather.

That’s pretty smart for a light!

Make an Impression

There are some amazing watercolor inspired homewares currently on the market that are less regulated and a little Monet inspired. Think swirling colours, hazy tones and dabs or drops of pigment.

The relaxed, painterly style can be as subtle or loud as you like, either way they are bound to leave an impression…

1. Jacqueline Maldonado Sea Church Sheet Set by DENY Designs

2. Painted Garden Poppies cushions by Xavier & Me

3. Settled Confetti Glass, Multi Motif and Raised Spirals Juice Glass by Anthropologie

4. Plum Collection platter by Dinosaur Designs

5. Jacqueline Maldonado Arpeggi Custom Clock by DENY Designs

6. Watercolour Table Runner by Bonnie and Neil

Cameo Appearence

Oh those Danish designers, they just get it right every time don’t they?

Louise Campbell is another prime example of the effortless cool which epitomizes this design style. Cameo is a set of three storage containers held together with bright elastic bands available through Kahler. The little punch of colour works so well against the white bone china and can be mixed and matched to suit your taste.

What a nifty idea to use an elastic band!


Fresh flowers are a beautiful and easy way to enliven your home without committing to a permanent change or ongoing upkeep. But what is the best way to keep your blooms looking fresh and new? Being a novice on the subject, I thought I had best call on the professional opinion of my lovely Florist friend Rheannon Lee Floral Design.

Here are Rheannon’s top tips on how to keep your flowers as fresh as a daisy!

Kale – trim stem and place in a vase containing bleach and water. Trim the stem and renew water and bleach mixture daily to avoid that nasty cabbage smell 3 days in, Eewwwwww.

Hydrangea and sunflowers – Scold stem ends in boiling water for 30-40 seconds them immerse in cold water to prolong their life span.

Tulips – Will keep for longer in a cooler room, if the temperature is too warm the flower heads will droop and drop their petals quickly.

Lily’s – Remove the stamen just as the flower is beginning to open to avoid nasty stains from the pollen on your linen.

Handy hint: If the pollen from the lilies does fall on to the carpet or table-cloth, place sticky tape straight on top and rip off like a band-aid, continue placing a new piece of sticky tape on the area until removed.

Gerber and Calla Lily’s – Fill the vase with only 2 – 3 inches of water to avoid gooey stems, Yukko!

Orchids – Drink from the flower head (same as hydrangeas) so soak them in the sink for 10 – 15 mins before placing in a vase. Also cut the orchids on an angle under the water to minimise exposure to air.

Rose – Remove browned or bruised outer petals of the rose to reveal new fresh ones underneath, Da Dahh, new rose. *Magic*

But Rheannon’s main tips for ALL flowers are: Change the water daily, keep flowers in a cool room, avoid direct sunlight and place flowers away from heat sources such as fireplaces or heaters. Oh and of course, drop PLENTY of hints to your partner about how beautiful flowers are to ensure a fresh supply!

*All images courtesy of Pinterest*

Zero to Hero

The VolumeZero range by Dutch company Kidsonroof is so adorable, it oozes style and character without losing any of the fun.

Made from solid birch, the chair, bench or table are built tough to withstand hours of play. Available in either a pink or green design each piece can be purchased separately so you can mix and match colours and styles. The no tools required flat pack means they are child’s play to assemble too.

High five Kidsonroof, love your work!