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Elkhorn Design

I adore Australian label Elkhorn. Their products capture that relaxed, coastal feel through beautiful material choices, great colour combinations and illustrative patterns. Each piece is hand made and feels as warm, inviting and genuine as their creator. Recently Elkhorn has expanded into the US market and Hermit wishes them all the best on their quest for world domination.

May I introduce this months “Meet your Maker”, Elkhorn Design.

Artist Name: Elkhorn

Artist Location: Central Coast, NSW Australia

Type of work – Medium: Textiles

How would you describe your style of work?
Handmade! Elkhorn designs have an earthy contemporary feel with a coastal twist, an alternative to mass-produced products. Our range includes homewares from unique cushions, table runners and tea towels through to relaxed comfortable clothing and accessories. Each design is sewn and screen-printed by us, in our studio, on beautiful, durable and eco-friendly fabrics. The result is intrinsic and artistic keepsakes, made to last for years, not just a season.

Are you formally educated or self-taught?
I have been screen printing since I was young. Mana, my Grandma, bought my sister and I our first Silk Screen sets. When I finished school, I spent my first year studying Visual Arts and then went on to study Graphic Design. From then I lost touch with screen printing. I only picked up the screen again a few years ago before getting serious with Elkhorn.
I would have to say I am mostly self-taught but I have picked up many different skills working in Graphic design, Retail and Horticulture. All these skills have some how come together to create Elkhorn. I have always been interested in the arts and creative people, so I guess on a subconscious level I’ve picked up skills and inspiration from people I spent time with and admire.

Who or what inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?
Everywhere. It can come from something as simple as the change in light as the sun goes down over the water, to the variations of colour and texture in a feather.
I am also a magazine fiend and have built up a wonderful collection of design and interior books. The internet is an endless resource of inspiration. I am inspired by blogs and websites from all over the world. They have the ability to transport you to distant, exotic places which can be a great outlet when you need a little escape! I have some wonderfully supportive and close friends that inspire me on all sorts of levels, not just creative. It’s having these people in your life that keeps you going, which is inspiring in itself.

Where can readers see / buy your work:
I currently sell Elkhorn on a few online stores:
Etsy Store:
Down That Little Lane

Retail stockists throughout Australia include:
Moochinside, Hardys Bay, NSW
Follow Store, Surry Hills, NSW
Urban Dweller, Samford Valley, Brisbane
Under Lock + Key, Bowral (stocking our scarves)

and our first international stockist Relish decor in Frederick, MD, USA!

You can also find us attending design markets throughout the year.
In June we will be taking part in the fabulous Sydney AW, Finders Keepers markets!
The Olive Tree Markets in Newcastle have become a bit of a regular for us. These happen on the first Saturday of every month.

You can keep up with our Events & happenings via our face book page

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists / creators?
Follow your heart and do what you love! I know it’s cliché, but it’s true. I’m not saying quit your day job, but as long as you allow yourself the time to slow down and take time out to be creative, I think that’s a great place to start. You’ll start to get a feel for what you’re making and whether your happy to continue it as a hobby or think about selling your work.

If your serious about selling your work I still think you need to be realistic about whether it’s viable and if there’s a market out there for it. I think it’s important to do some market research on the internet and go into shops and see whats happening and if anyone else is creating something similar. You then need to ask yourself what sets you a part from other designers and is there room for your product to fit into the market? Being a creative person it can sometimes be hard to stand back from your work and consider it from a business sense. This is still something that I struggle with today!

Cool, Cooler, Coolest

Either my fridge has an embarrassing case of LBL, or the mystery puddle that keeps appearing is a sign that it is in dire need of a service, or is about to go on the blink.

Being opportunistic as I am, I have taken this chance to start a campaign for my dream fridge, the retro styled SMEG. These fridges have been on my wish list for as long as I can remember, even appearing in magazine tear sheets I’ve kept since high school! Needless to say I am totally obsessed with their retro curves and styling.

I understand the trend for the hidden fridge in Kitchens these days, the minimal, clean look is nice but personally I like statement pieces, something that screams character. SMEG fridges are definitely that and come in the 1 door FAB28 fridge or 2 door Fab28/7, both in an amazing range of colours or even patterns!

Now to convince my husband…

Lest We Forget

Today is Anzac Day in Australia. A public holiday celebrated with drinking copious amounts of beer on pub crawls and gambling money by the fistful in 2 up. But the real reason behind Anzac Day is to remember, respect and say thank you to all the war veterans that have made our laid back and carefree Australian lifestyle possible. It is a day we remember the sacrifices that were made and recognize how truly blessed we are today.

So for this post I have something special for you, Vanitas by Ridder & Clown. Although this collection is not yet available for purchase, its concept and execution is so beautiful that I felt it was still worthy of inclusion.

Vanitas is a collection of four objects to be used to show respect during a ceremony for someone who has passed. A vase to capture petals as they fall from the flower, a segmented candle which parts become fused as you add segments per week in remembrance, the Register of Attendance with a serrated page that allows you to also write something to place with the passed or my personal favourite, the bubble blower. A beautiful, poetic way for children to say their goodbyes and send your loved one on their way.

Life is magical, Life is fleeting.

Lest we Forget.

Set in Concrete

It may just be the Italian coming out in me, but I will freely admit, I love concrete.

More and more I have noticed it creeping back into homes, first in the form of a polished floor than progressing onto benchtops and tables, even pendant lights and clocks. Then I discovered Port Living Co (Culinarium). aka concrete homewares heaven. They create the coolest range of concrete wares and I want the whole range.

No cement boots here, Port Living Co (Culinarium)  are floating right to the top!

Hexagon Pattern Concrete Coasters

Salt & Spice Caddy

Asian Spice Set

Concrete Hexi-Bowl

Concrete Salt Cellar with Machined Aluminum Scoop

Pepper Mill & Small Salt Shaker Set

Natural Concrete Tray

Square Embossed Coasters

Gather One, Gather All

I love looking through house magazines, gazing at the interiors and homewares in featured homes. But more often than not I think, sure love that, if only I didn’t have kids. Ain’t nothing gonna tarnish a designer interior like a kid and their accessories. But there is hope for us breeders out there thanks to Gather Kids.

Only THE most stylish children’s furniture I have stumbled across, it is like they quite literally shrunk a modern dining room setting. The beautiful use of natural wood combined with white tops gives a sophisticated, kind of Scandinavian feel to this table setting.

Small, Smart, Stylish. SOLD.

Well I’m Stumped

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Dunno. Maybe ask Mickey and Stevie, because they have these log lamps that are pretty amazing. Made from a solid chunk of wood as the base, these lamps are stunningly simple and let the material speak for itself. The age rings in the wood, the knots, the serrated scares from the saw blade, all become the center of attention. A little chunk of history on display, each lamp is different and unique. Loving the combination of rustic wood with the more refined shade.

So I guess that wood chuck better start chucking, cause I have the feeling these lamps are going to be in high demand.