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Pull the Other One

Sick of the same old, same old handles for your cupboards and drawers? Can’t find something that screams “I am me, unique and individual?” Then you are going to love this awesome US company Ghost Nest.

Free your home from the mass produced and mundane, here you can design your very own handles by selecting a knob style and then uploading your image. Think of the possibilities! Photographs, drawings, material swatches or text, your custom knobs can be whatever you desire. Now that is catering to all tastes and styles!

And for those who prefer to shop before you buy, there is a multitude of designs available by guest artists too. Now that’s handy! (Boom Tish)

Fluoro Fun

When I was 12 I remember being at a swimming carnival and, I have no idea why, buying a fluoro yellow singlet. My best friend brought a fluoro green one. Together with our white, chlorine bleached hair, we resembled a  Splice ice-cream. The fluoro singlet was the most rad thing I had ever owned, I was sure.

But can fluoro still be fun as an adult without being tacky? And fluoro for homewares? It is possible, without making your home look like it should be hosting a rave? Absolutely! Look at all these fun fluoro treats I have discovered to liven up your home whilst keeping it sophisticated…

1. Chipper & Sprite Serving Set by Anthropologie

2. Neon cord hanging Pendant Light by Earth Sea Warrior

3. Ampersand neon screen prints by Ampersand Design Studio

4. Cuckoo Clock by Raw Space

5. A3 wall stickers by Typo

6. Kitchen Magic whisk by Anthropologie

7. Mosaic Napkins in Green, Sky or Yellow by Allem

8. Le Versha Chair in Orange by Anthropologie

9. Lumbar Pillow with Neon detail by Paleolochic

10. Zig Zag stool in Pink or Green by Raw Space

11. Neon Rabbit Pillow Cover in Pink, Blue or Orange by Lalalabel

Cute Cushions

Prepare yourself to be inundated with cuteness! How adorable are these cushions by Scoop Design?!

They are each hand-made by Graphic Designer and Art Director Sophie Cooper as part of limited edition sets. Her illustrative style is so fun and bright, each cushion would add instant charm to any child’s room or make a fabulous gift. Her great range also extends into prints, mirrors, cards, clips, brooches and earrings.

The only trouble you may have is picking which one to buy, I can’t decide, they are all just too cute! One of each perhaps?

Plastic Fantastic

Rugs are great, but you always need to worry about spills and dirty shoes staining them right? Wrong!

OMG, you absolutely need to check out the trendy range by Brita Sweden Rugs, available in Australia through Habitat Rugs. Fun colours and patterns are their trademark, but, wait for it, these rugs are extra special. They are made using new and recycled soft plastic foil which makes them waterproof, colour fast and kid friendly.

Imagine the possibilities, you can use them indoors or out! Now you can easily brighten your bathroom, kitchen, BBQ area or kid’s playroom with a rug that is durable and stylish.

What a fabulous creation, LOVE!

Big Game

Personally I find Taxidermy really frightening. Who wants some glassy-eyed creature staring at you as you (try to) relax on the couch? Not me!

So I have been loving all the new takes on taxidermy that have come out on the market recently. Soft upholstered animal heads for the kids rooms, wood or cardboard recreations for the adults. They are all a little bit fun, but there really hasn’t been one that matched a more elegant aesthetic until now.

The fabulous french duo Un Esprit En Plus have created these life-size rusty antlers that can be mounted indoors or out. Made from a sheet of metal, the outline and colour of the antler is allowed to shine while the 2d effect means you can mount them low down without losing an eye. Want a set? Contact Blanc-Leger.

Just My Type

Do you think old Typewriter’s are cool? If you answered Yes, than you are going to love the AntiTrunk tables I’ve found by US company John Beck Paper & Steel.

Looking like they just jumped off a giants typewriter, each table stands 44cm tall x 34cm diameter. Constructed from steel, they are totally hand-made down to the finishing touches of painting, distressing and waxing. A jumbled mix of Pop Art, industrial and antique, they are available in various colour and numbers combinations. In fact John Beck is happy to customise his pieces to your needs, quality and service. Nice!

No need to go all “Murder She Wrote”, mystery solved, they are available in Australia via Bobby Berk Home.