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Andrew Goldie

I met Goldie a couple of years ago and have been impressed with his photography ever since. He has the ability to capture something extraordinary from the most ordinary of scenes, and uses light like a master craftsman. This is highlighted further in his most recent video work, combined with amazing use of time-lapse, it is a definite must see for all.

Hermit is pleased to present Australian photographer Andrew Goldie, for your viewing pleasure!

Artist Name: Andrew Goldie

Artist Location: Bronte, Sydney.

Type of work – medium: Photography

How would you describe your style of work?
My work covers things from Landscape to Portraits. But there is definitely a style and thread that weaves it all together. I am intrigued with the details and textures in things whether that be a huge mountain or someones face. I like my images to have some sort of reason to them and I find walls in my way if I can’t find the reason, meaning or inspiration in what I am doing. That could be as simple as me liking the texture, design or pattern within a subject to greater questions of life.

Are you formally educated or self-taught?
I started Photography in art class at school and went on to study it at R.M.I.T. University in Melbourne. After that I assisted photographers for many years in London, Tokyo and Sydney which is the photographers equivalent of an apprenticeship. So it has been a long road of learning and it is still happening everyday in my practice.

Who or what inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?
I am inspired by so much. I love nature and the natural world but am also inspired by the lives of people and urban situations. I like situations where there seems to be potential (not necessarily the traditional potential). If there is potential for one’s imagination to create a world and something that is greater than necessarily exists then I am inspired. But if I talk about artists that inspire me I would have to list Photographers such as Bill Henson, Gregory Crewdson, Ansel Adams and Duane Michaels, Surrealist Salvador Dali, Painter Brett Whiteley and some amazing filmmakers such as David Lynch.

Where can readers see / buy your work:
I have a range of limited edition and signed prints available. You can view a lot of these at or alternatively you can contact me at and I can email pdf catalogues of what is available. I also do commissions if it is the right project and is inspiring.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists / creators?
I feel that I am still treading the road to getting where I would like to be as an artist so my words of advice are not those of a wise Sage. But I would say that you need to believe in yourself but not to the point where you are blinded to the quality of your own work. You need to believe in yourself to keep going as it is a long hard road . But you need to be honest with yourself about what you are producing, constantly improving and doing bigger better things.

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  1. yvette mundell #

    WOW. I love his work. Everytime you look at it you find something different. Really interesting stuff.

    February 29, 2012

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