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Hey my Tape’s Stuck

Ah rewind to the days of cassette tapes. Recording songs off the Top 40 countdown over and over until the tape chewed and unraveled. Showing my age? Well there’s no shame, as I have a soft spot for the old tape cassette and since everything 80’s is apparently new again, it is time to jump, shout, let it all out.

But this isn’t just any old tape, this is in fact a sticky tape dispenser, how clever is that! Made from slip proof rubber the tape dispenser comes in a choice of Grey & Black or Red & Black.

Perfect for your office desk or when you get bored to Wax on, Wax off! So get your Hi-tops on over to j-me to find out how to get yours.

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  1. That is bloody awesome. I want one!! Thanks Hermit,

    January 20, 2012

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