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Diezel Superstroke

Welcome to Hermits first edition of “Meet your Maker”. Each month “Meet your Maker” will turn the spotlight on a amazing creator and discover what inspires them and their work. It’s nice to meet the person behind the piece, after all there’s nothing like putting a name to a face.

So without much further ado, I am pleased to introduce Australian painter Diezel Superstroke. (Is this not the coolest artist name ever?!)

Artist Name: Diezel

Artist Location: Avalon NSW Australia

Type of work / medium: Acrylic & Ink on canvas

How would you describe your style of work?

Superstroke Pop Art.  Superstroke is an Art Movement that was started by South African Artist Conrad Bo.  Superstroke artists always have plus (+) signs in their work or expressive criss-cross brushstrokes that results in a + (plus sign).  The plus is a sign of hope and positiveness.


In one of my works ‘Guerilla Warfare’ the theme is about ongoing shifts in power and political corruption and how the freedom fighter often becomes the next oppressor.  The plus signs appear throughout the painting and are symbols of hope, positiveness and happiness, even though the theme is also serious.  The plus sign is also a sign that represents different directions and different beliefs that often cross each other and are often opposed to each other.

I was born on a farm in Africa, also lived in Kenya, so the “African me” often comes through in my work

Are you formally educated or self taught?

I have Uni degrees but not in Art. Life and experiences in themselves are my art teachers and therefore my work is raw and unfinished. 

Who or what inspires you?

I am very inspired by Superstroke artist Conrad Bo and graffiti artist Banksy for the cleverness in their work.

Where do your ideas come from?

I am intrigued by how experiences and beliefs that people (and societies) have, shape and influence them.  My work comments on those beliefs and issues.  I often scribble in the backgrounds of my paintings to further tell the story of the work.  I also like to use animals to represent people in my paintings and I always have plus signs in all of my paintings – representing opposing beliefs but it is also a sign of positiveness and happiness.

Where can readers view and purchase your work?

I will have an open studio on the 1st Sunday of the month throughout 2012 (except April) from 10am – 5pm at 134 Central Rd Avalon, NSW 2107 Australia, where visitors can see     any new work first and buy from me directly without the added costs to works when bought at exhibitions or galleries. I can be contacted on 0416 040 636 (Australia) and I do consider commissions. I will participate in 2 exhibitions later in the year and you can view my current work on Flickr: diiezel_art, or follow me on facebook – Diezel (Artist) Diiezel Superstroke.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists or creators? Just do it.

Comfortable Creations

I love the old illustrations of “Modern” creations from the 1700s. Amazing to see how far the human race has progressed from such a humble start. From the invention of the wheel to the first air travel by balloon, celebrate the creativity and spirit of adventure with these lovely cushions from Freedom Furniture.

Just perfect as a statement piece on any lounge, the black and white colour scheme means they could complement both a traditional or modern interior. So be inspired and reinvent a new look for you home today.

What’s that Skip?

Not all of us can whistle on a gum leaf but we can all now have our very own Skippy.

Handmade by Melbourne artist Driftnet, each piece is bold, bright and very Australian. Created with the use of recycled timber and acrylic paints or recycled road signs, each of these wall hangings is unique in its markings.

What’s that skip? We can buy you at Hardtofind? Blimey better hop on over quick smart!

Random Australia Day Fact: Skippy is still being broadcast in Iran. The show was forbidden to be shown in Sweden, where psychologists feared the show would mislead children into believing animals could do things they actually could not. The Independent Weekly. 2009-09-10

Concrete Jungle

It’s a concrete jungle out there. Inner city courtyards made of pavers and brick walls, towered over by neighboring buildings.

Miss the comfort and protection of a tree canopy? The dappled light, filtering through the leaves?

Create the illusion of a lush, leafy garden with the help of this stunning Shadylace Parasol by Netherlands designer Chris Kabel. Evergreen and zero maintenance, this parasol will create the garden of eden in even the most ghetto of yards. The polyester shade with cutout leaf detail is ideal for screening you from the suns harsh rays as well as those nosey neighbours while not leaving you totally in the dark.

The little birdy on top tells me you should fly on over to Droog to find a stockist near you!

Baby your a Star

Feel like your baby is less Goo Goo and more Ga Ga?

Are they up all hours of the night and like to be the center of attention?

Perhaps they have a calling as the next headline act. What will aid this untapped talent I hear you say? This adorable crochet record player by the fabulous Anne Claire-Petit! The European designer spins her magic on organic cotton to create this turntable with control dials, needle arm and vinyl record. But wait there’s more, a concealed music box inside it plays “My Way”, cute or what?

Perfect for the coolest kids out there! Head to Lark to get yours before they all sell out!

Hey my Tape’s Stuck

Ah rewind to the days of cassette tapes. Recording songs off the Top 40 countdown over and over until the tape chewed and unraveled. Showing my age? Well there’s no shame, as I have a soft spot for the old tape cassette and since everything 80’s is apparently new again, it is time to jump, shout, let it all out.

But this isn’t just any old tape, this is in fact a sticky tape dispenser, how clever is that! Made from slip proof rubber the tape dispenser comes in a choice of Grey & Black or Red & Black.

Perfect for your office desk or when you get bored to Wax on, Wax off! So get your Hi-tops on over to j-me to find out how to get yours.